McAfee simplifies the protection and management of mobile devices

Posted: June 5, 2013 in Antivirus and Security Software
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McAfee logoMcAfee has announced the full integration of the software McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management (McAfee EMM) platform with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO).

Thanks to the McAfee EMM software features a comprehensive security policy creation and management software are now available on mobile devices. McAfee ePO software allows businesses to protect corporate data on personal devices and devices of employees (smartphones, tablet devices, laptops and desktop computers) through a single, unified infrastructure and management console, described in the company.

Companies are using mobile technology in order to provide a competitive advantage. However, many organizations are managing these devices apart from its basic infrastructure – said Ari Jaaksi, senior vice president and general manager for the development and operation of mobile solutions McAfee. – For each device connected to the Internet, or having access to a network or database organization must be provided with protection and management. For IT departments McAfee easier to obtain pictures of mobile devices and all related infrastructure, as well as managing them.

Combining McAfee EMM software from McAfee ePO management platform provides a wide range of improvements. Thus, a complete picture of the state of security and regulatory compliance is ensured by means of a centralized infrastructure and console. Process optimization is achieved through the use of automation tools provided by the platform McAfee ePO, including the use of device categories, automating workflows and dashboards with the ability to “drag and drop” objects.

At the same time, the integrated solution from McAfee provides:

– The means of monitoring, alerting, analysis and reporting for mobile devices, including reports and dashboards designed specifically for mobile devices;
– Enterprise-class scalability, allowing to reach up to 25 million devices to the server, and more than 100 thousand devices in the distribution of the load;
– Customizable protection on the basis of policies, including policy options for individual users, devices and operating systems.

McAfee EMM software also includes software products McAfee Secure Container for Android and McAfee VirusScan Mobile for Android (controlled by the user). According to the developers, the solution offers protection for mobile devices, data and applications, mobile device management, provides support for deploying on nodes and distribution of enterprise applications and general use applications for iOS and Android, including support programs Volume Purchase Program of Apple. In addition, the EMM software now included in new sets of McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection.

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