FireSheep sniffer

FireSheep – an extension of the browser Firefox, using a packet sniffer to intercept unencrypted HTTP cookie popular web-sites. The extension uses a packet sniffer that allows you to capture other people’s work session with the sites.

Received from the network session are displayed on the side of the browser. Selecting from a list of one of the users can log on to one or the other portal on behalf of others.

The extension was created to demonstrate the security risks that exist when websites use an encrypted connection only to test a login and password, and do not encrypt the HTTP cookie, used after authentication.

  • Size: 2.9 MB
  • License: Free
  • OS: UNIX, Windows, Other

The developers Web Site:

EffeTech HTTP Sniffer

EffeTech HTTP Sniffer – HTTP sniffer and protocol analyzer packages. Unlike other sniffers, EffeTech HTTP Sniffer captures packets belonging to the HTTP protocol. Allows you to set filters for tracking a specific host or a file.
Platform: Windows 2000/XP/2003

  • Size: 1,420 kb
  • License: Free Trial, $ 29.95 to buy
  • OS: Windows

The developers Web Site:

HTTP Analyzer

HTTP Analyzer – is a sniffer intercepts in real time http-headers.

HTTP Analyzer provides information containing http and https headers, cookies, send and receive data, redirect, server response codes, etc. HTTP Analyzer operates in two versions – as a standalone application and as a plug-in for Internet Explorer.


– Effective analysis and diagnosis of HTTP-traffic for Web applications;
– Debugging Web applications;
– Detection of bottlenecks and slow-running parts of the network applications;
– Measure the speed of loading, size, content, and the number of network deliveries;
– Check the web site for safety;
– Analysis of your interest Web sites;
– Help with HTTP-protocol;
– Increasing the productivity of web development;
– Built-in HEX-viewer;
– Construction of HTTP-requests;
– Record intermediate HTTP / HTTPS traffic;
– Clearing the cache and cookie;
– Support for HTTP-compression;
– Filtering data in an MS Excel;
– Grouping of data.

  • Size: 3587 kb
  • License: Free Trial, $ 129.00 to buy
  • OS: Windows

The developers Web Site:

IEWatch sniffer

IEWatch – plug-in for Internet Explorer, you can view and analyze the data (headers, GET, POST, Cookies) sent (received) by HTTP / HTTPS. In addition, you can view the page code directly in the browser window. After installation adds a new button to the browser toolbar, and for the plugin to function, you need to restart your computer!

  • Size: 1.1 MB
  • License: $ 49
  • OS: Windows

The developers Web Site:

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