Kaspersky Lab’s ZETA Shield technology

Posted: June 14, 2013 in Antivirus and Security Software
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Kaspersky LabIn the new generation of Kaspersky Lab antivirus will ZETA Shield technology

Kaspersky Lab is going to use your anti-malware code of corporate products in the line of solutions for home users, which should help the latter deal more effectively with the attacks, based on zero-day vulnerabilities. “We are doing so for the first time. Usually we design things for consumer products, and then adapt them for enterprise solutions. But with technology ZETA, we created the first version of its server to block attacks, corporate, and then moved it to a PC,” – says Denis Nazarov, head of the anti-malware research at Kaspersky Lab USA.

ZETA Shield technology was designed to scan incoming e-mail messages and attachments contained in the letters. ZETA does not check the incoming code in the letters, it simulates the conditions in which the code can be up and watching to see what happens during the run, identifying malicious behavior embedded in email and distinguish it from the legitimate code.

The data for testing ZETA Shield constantly receives from renewable bases, Kaspersky Lab. The company believes that the same approach can be effective against attacks on computers or home users to block the so-called targeted IT attacks.

According to Nazarov, port code from the server to the PC was not very difficult, but by itself ZETA not too strongly loads the processor or the laptop battery. According to him, the code ZTEA will be included in a new generation of products, Kaspersky Lab, which is scheduled for release in September.

Tiffany Rad analyst Kaspersky Lab, says one of the reasons that spodvigla Company ZETA transfer to personal computers – is the explosive growth of targeted attacks. According to anti-virus company, with the help of this technology can be difficult to collect data for the organization of targeted attacks.

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