McAfee Security Innovations technology

Posted: June 14, 2013 in Uncategorized
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McAfee logoMcAfee Security Innovations technology guards your Android-devices

The company McAfee, well-known manufacturer of anti-virus solutions and safety equipment, has introduced a new technology for Android-based platform – an application McAfee Security Innovations, which is a universal tool for data security of mobile devices.

The device has built-in “Smart perimeter”, which allows you to connect multiple Android devices via Wi-Fi. If the phones were drawn away to a distance of 30 meters due to lost or stolen phone, Audio alarm will sound at all connected to each other devices. Additional protection, built-in technology Security Innovations, a pin, locking the screen in case of violation of the perimeter. In addition, the solution has a built-in data storage and backup functions, and QR-code scanner checks the security of your network connection.

McAfee Security InnovationsTo use the “Smart perimeter”, you need to activate it on the screen. The function may not work on all devices, so the application will inform in advance about the incompatibility. Mandatory condition of options – all connected devices must be installed McAfee Security Innovations tool and configured with a shared Wi-Fi channel.

One of the interesting features in the McAfee Security Innovations – Device Administrator, with which you can lock the device. The user specifies the 6-digit PIN code when the application is activated, the password is then applied to protect against outside interference in information resources of the device. After entering the code, you can add files to store data: it can be pictures, or any other document folders. The only disadvantage files can only be added one at a time.

Finally, a key option, QR-code scanner offers features standard QR-scanner, but with an additional layer of security to verify the connection security.

According to the developers, the modern technology of McAfee Security Innovations will be useful for users with multiple devices. The solution also offers decent “anti-theft” opportunities, but they work only in the presence of the Wi-fi network.

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