A serious vulnerability discovered in the BlackBerry Z10

Posted: June 18, 2013 in IT Security News

Vulnerability in BlackBerry Z10

Vulnerability in BlackBerry Z10

According to security experts, in the flagship smartphone BlackBerry Z10, based on the operating system, BlackBerry 10, there is a dangerous vulnerability, which lies in the search for the lost function of your cell phone with cellular or WiFi-network.

Experts say that the vulnerability lies not in the operating system itself, and in the application included in its composition and intended to locate your smartphone.

This application does not work correctly with the privileges of the operating system and files that with the help of simple malicious software and a pair of manipulation allows you to reset and change the admin password on the Z10, or to deny the legal owner of the smartphone include a remote function to delete the data in case of loss of the device.

Also, experts say that the bug can be used to access a range of other functions of the smartphone and personal data of the owner. In this case, the authors develop said that in November last year, BlackBerry 10 was certified FIPS 104-2 U.S. government guarantees the security of personal data.

In the BlackBerry say that in the course of the state of vulnerability and are working on a fix, but at the same time, the company states that it is not aware of the presence of really working in this direction hacker attacks.

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