OPSWAT Security Score – an application for a rating of PC Security

Posted: June 18, 2013 in Antivirus and Security Software
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OPSWAT Security ScoreThe company OPSWAT released the final release of its new free product called Security Score. This simple tool scans personal computer, the detected security issues and provides basic recommendations on how to solve them. How protected your PC, allows us to points that Security Score puts on the audit.

The Security Score program differs big convenience to use – it does not have an integrated interface, sophisticated navigation, virtually nothing to configure. The user need only run the application in a few seconds the system will analyze and generate a report.

By the way, the final report is also quite easy to learn. When visualizing the degree of computer protection Security Score uses a 100-point system for evaluation of the PC as a whole, and individual marks for each component security – antivirus, antiphishing, backup, patch management, encryption, firewall, and control file sharing.

After the user receives praise for his computer, he can ask for information how to improve security in the future. To do this, click on those parameters that do not reach the maximum score (for example, 88 out of 100) and Security Score explain the reasons for the assessment, and will also offer some useful tips.

For example, you got 3 out of 5 on the component “File Sharing”. Why? Clicking on this component indicates that the application Security Score found, for example, uTorrent program and decided that file sharing increases the risk of malware infection. Recommended programs: uTorrent is better to remove. Or, if the component is “Encryption Hard Drive” earned 0 out of 10, Security Score will offer to install BitLocker – software for data protection through drive encryption.

OPSWAT Security Score

As can be seen, OPSWAT Security Score can boast of highly specialized or intelligent scanning mechanism. Experienced users may find that the program does not tell them anything new about their computer. But beginners may want to get more information (after all, BitLocker – not only means the functions of disk encryption, but Security Score does not offer other alternatives).

However, the product Security Score is useful where you want the system to check other users – for example, make sure that your child’s laptop is configured properly.

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