Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

Posted: June 19, 2013 in Antivirus and Security Software
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Kaspersky Lab“Kaspersky Lab” on Tuesday released a new version of Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

“Kaspersky Lab” on Tuesday released a new version of Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac – protective solutions for owners of computers on the platform Mac. The product provides the latest technology to provide protection against all types of threats to the platform.

The company claim that Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac uses less than 1% of the CPU, and a streamlined interface and Retina display support make the program more convenient.

“The myth of higher compared to the security of Windows Mac OS X has long dispelled: together with the annual increase in the number of computer owners is growing and the attention of cybercriminals to the system. For example, in 2012 the number of signatures of malicious software under OS X, added to the database “Kaspersky Lab” has increased by 30% compared to last year: FavDonw, MacLocker, Defma, ZeoBit MacKeeper, Backdoor.OSX.MaControl.b – is not a complete list of dangerous malware for Mac, and their number, according to antivirus experts “Kaspersky Lab” will only increase, “- the company says.

In addition to the classic “signature” of protection, the new product is applied a number of heuristic technologies to detect even the new, little-known malware based on their behavior in the system.

Kaspersky Internet Security for MacImplemented in Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac anti-phishing technologies can deal with phishing and fraud. Before downloading any webpage protective product checks its status focusing on the updated database of phishing pages, and in addition additionally checks for the presence of malicious code embedded. The user can find out whether a malicious link has to go through it: the service “module testing options,” said the reputation of a website using a special indicator next to links on a page of search results. Protection of information the user enters on the sites – another condition necessary to ensure the quality of protection against cyber threats. “Virtual Keyboard” allows you to enter sensitive information (login, password or other personal information) with the mouse and on-screen keyboard, eliminating the possibility of data interception through programs, keyloggers, readers clicks on a normal keyboard characters.

Technology Parental Control in Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac allows you to protect children from adult content and precisely regulate the pastime of children both on the Internet and the computer in general. Parents can set time limits within which their children are using the Internet, as well as to determine the categories of sites available to the child, limit load resources from unwanted content or correspondence in social networks.

Kaspersky Interne Security for Mac




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