The new Android-malware for blocking mobile devices

Posted: June 24, 2013 in IT Security News
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New Android-malware

New Android-malware

Antivirus companies warned of a new program, the blackmailer, presenting itself as a legitimate Android-app for removing malicious software.

As reported in the anti-virus company Symantec, the new code infects users’ mobile devices and impersonating antivirus. However, unlike in the present anti-virus, this development is contrary introducing malicious code on users’ devices.

In Symantec say that the identified application has been called Fakedefender and the company notes a significant increase in the number of infections in recent days. Many users after installation of pseudo-anti-virus linked to these security companies, saying that their devices were blocked and allowed only after entering the unlock code paid.

In Symantec said that judging by the behavior of the users, there are now several different types of Fakedefender, which operate under different scenarios. Some types of malicious programs do not block the operating system itself, and block these or other opportunities, demanding money for the release of the lock. In Symantec recommends that users in the event of suspicion of infection of the device in any case not to restart the device and try to manually delete the program or install a real virus scanner.

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