Rohos Logon KeyThe new version of Rohos Logon Key 3.0 with a lot of changes and updates that will protect your computer against illegal intrusion to personal information stored on your PC.

Rohos Logon Key – the program 2-factor authentication for secure access to Windows. No more need to manually enter sensitive information during login, where it is vulnerable. Rohos Logon Key speeds up the login process and keeps it safe.

The program turns an ordinary USB flash drive into a powerful, two-factor tool to protect your computer and laptop.

Features Rohos Logon Key 3.0:

– Support for Google Authenticator

For owners of the phones Android, BlackBerry or IPhone: Google Authenticator app embedded in the list of supported OTP keys. To log on to Windows using one-time password generator from Google. Phone is always at hand, your password to you and it is convenient.

– RFID reader

Added the ability to lock and unlock the device for presentation to the reader. Brought the tag to the reader, the computer is unlocked, re-brought the computer locks.

– Yubikey

In version 3.0 two-factor authentication is based on the use of Yubikey and functions “must enter your Windows password and a USB key.” The default password for Windows will be required in any case. You can not enter into the computer, using only a USB key or just entering a password. Therefore funkitsya PIN code for Yubikey is now disabled.

– Auto Logout Timer out

Added a timer function – lock your computer after a specified time. “Auto Log Off after an inactivity period” will automatically log the account.

Rohos Logon Key Comparison

Rohos Logon Key Free Download (Fully functional 15-day trial):

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