The experts found of the birthplace of cyber attacks

Posted: June 26, 2013 in IT Security News
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HackersA number of companies specializing in the protection of computer data, came to a sensational conclusion. Most cyber-attacks does not come from China, as is commonly believed, but from India. List of targets of these attacks varies from Pakistani government officials to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, a number of companies involved in the protection of personal computers, found that the common view of China as the main source of hacker attacks actually greatly exaggerated. The experts of these companies claim that most of these attacks come from the country, which is rarely remembered in connection with cybercrime – India.

According to the Norwegian company Norman Shark, who studied data on cyber attacks over the past three years, most of them have “no hell, which is issued to the Chinese track.” “On the contrary, we began to notice other patterns, such as the typical Indian names” – quoted analyst Snorre Fagerland of Norman Shark The Wall Street Journal.

In addition to the firm from Norway analysis of data on cyber attacks involved the U.S. CrowdStrike, which followed the group of hackers from India for a year and a half, the Slovak company ESET, an Indian Network Intelligence India and F-Secure, based in Finland.

According to the researchers, the attackers used a strategy of targeted phishing, sending letters and documents with malicious software workers from various organizations. Once the program has received access to a computer, it mined the information and sends it back to the sender.

However, as noted in Norman Shark, hackers used 600 different Web sites, most of which are registered in India. Become victims of cybercrime: National Disaster Management Authority of Pakistan, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Beijing Tsinghua University and other large organizations.

However, experts say, the discovery of the country whence the hacker’s threat to the world, can not yet answer the question of who is behind the attacks. A new technology of mass hacker attacks occur and spread in countries such as India, with great speed, which further complicates the process of catching criminals.

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