The most part of malware attacks spawned from legit sites

Posted: June 27, 2013 in IT Security News
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GoogleAccording to a recent study by Google, malicious software in most cases extends straight from legitimate sites that have been hacked. Of course, these programs are also distributed through special sites that were directly run by hackers, but they are much smaller.

These data are published in a special section of the “Report on the availability of services and data,” which Google weekly updates. Information destroys the myth that malware penetrating the computer users from dubious resources. Statistics undeniable. For example, as of June 9, 2013 only 3891 sites that are blocked in Google Chrome and Firefox, a system of “Safe Browsing”, belonged to the category of questionable resources. At the same time, the remaining 39247 sites offering legit services and facilities, but they have been infected by malware.

Sites hosting malware detected per week
Websites sources of threats Compromised sites
Sites hosting malware

In total, Google blocks about 10,000 sites per day to prevent phishing scams or malware from entering your computer. The proposed service developers will also inform the webmaster of viruses that attack their websites, enabling them to quickly solve the problem. Google claims that, on average, the program “Safe scope” helps protect more than one billion people a day.

Unsafe websites detected per week
Phishing sites Malware sites
Unsafe websites

Google clearly shows that modern cyber threats often come from trustworthy resources, some of which belong to Apple and Facebook. Many webmasters do not realize that their resources are the platform for the spread of viruses and Trojans.

Help for hacked sites: Overview

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