New version of Panda Cloud Systems Management

Posted: June 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Panda Security logoPanda Security has released a new version of Panda Cloud Systems Management

The Panda Security, company announces a new version of Panda Cloud Systems Management (PCSM) – full-featured solutions for remote management, monitoring and support of all types of IT-devices in your organization.

This solution enables IT-administrators to fully implement the control and protection of business processes within companies while simplifying the management of incidents and optimizing support.

Advantage of the latest new Panda Cloud Systems Management is ticketing system that allows end users to quickly request remote support. In addition, administrators can manage the load of technical experts, as well as prioritize.

The new version of Panda Cloud Systems Management including with options for full remote control of computers, regardless of whether they are included or not, but because IT-administrators can always manage their status. This enables companies to gain substantial savings, since lets you control devices without the need to run them.

Panda Cloud Systems Management

In addition, the latest version of Panda Cloud Systems Management provides more granular control over the processes, files and folders, as well as the monitoring of hazardous and undesirable processes with automatic execution of appropriate actions.

“Thanks to Panda Cloud Systems Management IT-departments and service providers now have complete control over all installed software on their computers, ensuring strict adherence to corporate policies – explained Manuel Santamaría, Global Product Manager at Panda Security. – After all, for all IT-services is important to have information on the status of each object on the server. ”

In the near future Panda Cloud System Management integrates the option to create a list of all installations within the organization. This means that it will be possible to compile blacklists of programs that do not need to be installed, white lists of programs that can be installed, and the golden list of programs that should be installed.

The consumption of IT-technologies and the use of personal devices in business environments has led to the fact that the organization is now facing new challenges in the field of security and control that must be addressed without negative consequences for the company or for the users.

For example, today many companies have a huge number of mobile devices with different operating systems, which in most cases is almost impossible to control and manage. To cope with this, Panda Security will soon introduce a product support on iOS, and in the last quarter of 2013 – support for Android and Blackberry. This feature enables IT-administrators to audit the devices to determine their geographic location, as well as remotely control the mobile device organization in the event of loss, theft, and other troubles.

In addition, administrators can monitor any incidents in the organization of a mobile device that will reduce the response time to the occurrence of any problems.

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