AVAST SecureLine provides a high level of WiFi security

Posted: June 28, 2013 in Antivirus and Security Software
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Avastavast! SecureLine answers high demand for secure WiFi

AVAST Software has announced the launch SecureLine – its virtual private network (VPN), which allows customers to encrypt their communications while using public WiFi networks.

This is the last burst of effort AVAST against the growing threat of data theft by hackers consumers through such transfer is usually unsafe. In an international survey of more than 340,000 respondents, AVAST found that unsafe use of WiFi is a common problem throughout the world.

“We developed SecureLine due to increased demand from our customers,” said Vincent Steckler, CEO of AVAST. “Half of PC users in the U.S. are connected to insecure access points WiFi. And, about a third of them carries out confidential transactions – shopping, banking, or others that require a password – despite the risk of theft of their credentials by hackers out of thin air “


AVAST SecureLine

Rapid growth in the use of WiFi increases the risk of security

While antivirus software protects from the majority of attacks on computers and mobile devices, the risk of data theft by hackers who steal usernames and passwords via public WiFi, becomes a growing problem. In the United States, and around the world, about half of the people are connected through public WiFi; more than two-thirds of daily use insecure Internet. As the high growth in the number of people using public hotspots to access the internet, the likelihood of attracting hackers and vulnerabilities affecting consumers, increases accordingly.

WiFi security

AVAST solved the problem of consumers of its avast! SecureLine, which uses the secure sockets (SSL) provides encryption and security keys / certificates to protect Internet communications in an insecure WiFi networks.

Secure WiFi

“We’ve built SecureLine in avast! Antivirus, in free and paid versions, so only need one click to start using it,” said Ondrej Vlcek, CTO of AVAST. “Our researchers are constantly looking for new vectors of threats and we found that the number of threats from insecure public WiFi hotspots, now more than ever. Due to this, we have created a solution that can effectively protect our people from these dangers, with full automation of work and minimal impact on their comfort. ”

How to avast! SecureLine works

avast! SecureLine fully integrated in all the free and paid products AVAST. When clients connect to unsafe AVAST points WiFi, they receive a message notifying them of the risks of using public WiFi points and unsafe, and provide choice through a secure VPN connection avast! SecureLine. Then, the client sends to the user interface, where they can initiate a service that can also be activated by the client at any time. After activation, avast! SecureLine automatically every time a client connects to a public hotspot WiFi, to ensure the safety and anonymity of the Internet activity of the client.


avast! SecureLine makes free WiFi safer (avast! Blog) – http://blog.avast.com/2013/06/10/avast-secureline-makes-wifi-safer/

avast! SecureLine for iOS – http://www.avast.com/secureline-ios

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