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Posted: June 28, 2013 in Antivirus and Security Software
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Symantec CorpThe new version of Norton Mobile Security Delivers App Privacy Protection

A new algorithm for data collection and processing Norton Mobile Insight in mobile antivirus Norton Mobile Security generates dynamic data analysis applications, and identifies which of them allow the leakage of personal information.

Symantec has released a new version of Norton Mobile Security, which provides a powerful and effective protection of smartphones and tablets based on Android, and Apple iOS.

Norton Mobile Security for Android includes new technology acquisition and data processing Norton Mobile Insight, aimed at protecting the personal information of users. Tracking mechanism of risk to access personal data, established in Norton Mobile Insight, allows you to determine which of the applications can expose users of such danger. Updating Norton Mobile Security also significantly extends the capabilities of the applications in the protection against theft Apple iPhone and iPad, thanks, in part, using the “siren” – sound that helps the wearer to quickly discover where his device.

Control of personal information is extremely important for users of mobile devices. It is known that 57% of users deletes or refuses the installation of applications on grounds of the protection of their personal data. To help solve this problem, in addition to tracking the traditional security risks, Norton Mobile Security app now checks for the presence of potential threats to your personal information.

Norton Mobile Security

For example, Norton Mobile Security will notify the owner if is found the application, which gives access to information such as a list of contacts, photos, history of calls. Customers sometimes can not fully control the security of personal information, as they do not know how to access it and use it. Norton Mobile Security provides powerful protection of personal data and allows you to make informed decisions about which apps to keep and which – to remove from your device.

Norton Mobile Security

“Ensuring the integrity of personal data – a complex and controversial issue for both customers and developers alike – said Con Mallon, senior director, product management, Symantec Corp. – Until recently, scanning mobile applications on the risks of violation of the inviolability of personal data carried out on the most superficial level, and could not really provide users with better information for decision making. In the newest version of the program, we use a unique combination of static and dynamic analysis of data that users have a complete picture of how an application can affect the security of their personal data. With such information, customers can actually choose whether or not to leave the installed application. ”

Norton Mobile Security: VIDEO

Norton Mobile Insight Technology

Users of Norton Mobile Security solutions are available the benefits of Norton Mobile Insight – a proprietary algorithm for data collection and processing, which provides a dynamic analysis of the application of each of the more than 200 stores applications. The purpose of Norton Mobile Insight – to identify potential risks of infringement of personal safety, security of personal data and the relative degree of aggressiveness of the application.

At present, using an algorithm Norton Mobile Insight was analyzed over 4 million applications, making possible to determine that more than 30% of them are the cause of leakage of information such as your contact list or recent calls from this person. Now with the help of technology Norton Mobile Insight processed 10,000 new applications a day, at the moment among them were found 300,000 malicious programs and 1,500,000 potentially containing such vulnerability, such as aggressive contextual advertising or direct threat to privacy of personal data .

Pricing and Availability

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for Norton Mobile Security suite is $29.99, it can be purchased from various retailers in the Norton online store or Google Play. In addition, Norton 360 Multi-Device and Norton One will also receive updates, including the latest version of the functional Norton Mobile Security. Norton users with a valid subscription can get the latest updates over the corresponding service Norton Update.

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