5 ways to protect your smartphone from viruses

Posted: July 2, 2013 in Articles
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Protecting smartphone from virusesProtecting your smartphone from viruses

At last week’s DailyComm edition has been reported that in just one year the number of malicious programs for the Android OS has grown by an impressive 614%. However, to protect your gadgets from viruses is very simple – here are the five most common ways to do this.

So, here are the most effective ways to protect your smart phone, regardless of which operating system it is running. They are simple and banal, but, as the shows statistics of infection of mobile malware, not all users follow these rules.

1. Absolutely precisely  you shouldn’t come from your mobile device on the sites which aren’t inspiring trust. Especially a lot of harmful content contains on adult sites in view of the fact that such sites enjoy wide popularity.

2. Use only official online catalogs of programs and applications, take a look at the directory structure on the placement of links. The site must be credible and to be logically constructed. The creators of high-quality catalogs cares about is that the user was comfortable and clear to navigate the site and do not try to distract him, for example, flashing links. Just look at the examples of well-known Internet directories such as Google Play and AppStore.

3. Do not be amiss to examine the description of the application, pay attention to how it is in detail, the number of peeking and download’s users. You should also look at what a particular application is trying to access. This information is displayed during installation. After installation, make sure the behavior of the application, if the application sends SMS or connect to the Internet without your knowledge – you must be more cautious.

4. Regular updates of the operating system are also important, because software companies improves their mobile OS and releases new builds, for increasing the level of security.

5. And the most trivial, but it an effective way – to install antivirus software.

The possible scenarios of using of the infected smartphone:

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