Most of the enterprises is used vulnerable Java versions

Posted: July 23, 2013 in Security Notices

Java DangerThe most commonly used Java 6 Update 20, which contains 96 vulnerabilities of the highest level of danger.

The company Bit9 has conducted a study, the results of which indicate that the Java carries a significant risk to the safety of the enterprise, as it is often the software is the ultimate target of cyber criminals.

In the study, experts analyzed the use of Java on one million cars in hundreds of companies around the world and found that older versions of Java contain vulnerabilities that pose the threat.

Main results of research:

– At 5% Percentage of all analyzed more than 100 computers installed versions of Java;
– The presence of multiple versions of Java on their computers due to the fact that when you install new versions of the old ones are not always removed;
– Hackers can determine which version of Java uses a certain company and sets his sights on the older, more vulnerable versions;
– The most common version that uses the enterprise is Java 6 Update 20, which is present at 9% of all systems containing 96 vulnerabilities of the highest level of danger;
– Less than 1% of businesses are using the latest version of Java.

The representative of Bit9 Harry Sverdlov (Harry Sverdlove), notes that the updates can not protect users of Java, among versions of Java, which are used by some organizations, there are issued in the days of Windows 95.

Bit9 Java Vulnerabilities Report: Write Once, Pwn Anywhere

For more details read the Bit9 report here.

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