Database and Viber messenger website has been hacked

Posted: July 24, 2013 in IT Security News
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HackersThe hacker group “Syrian Electronic Army” acting in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, today warned through his twitter users that encourages them not to use popular mobile messenger Viber. Hackers say they managed to hack the database of Viber users, and the site of the operator Viber.

Immediately after allegations of hackers on the page Support Viber there was a message “Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army”. Also, representatives of the “Syrian Electronic Army” claimed that the Israeli operator Viber track conversations and messages from users. At the moment the site Viber is not available.

At present, the application Viber uses more than 200 million people, the application allows free exchange messages and make free calls on WiFi.

In a statement released later by Viber said that the company’s website was hacked, but no user data has been stolen. “Today’s Viber Support has been hacked, after one of the employees opened Ticket Scam letter and underwent a phishing attack,” – said the company.

According to Viber, malware gets onto your machine, the messenger responsible for the work, but has affected the technical support system. The company also said that hackers may have gained access to the data on the geography of users, as well as their UDID (internal user ID). These data are necessary for proper operation of Viber, but outside of the messenger, they are virtually useless. “We regret that the hackers were able to gain access to information and are working with the consequences of breaking” – said the company.

Viber website hacked

Earlier, the “Syrian Electronic Army” hacked open resources Associated Press, CBS, The Guardian, BBC and news site The Onion.

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