360 Mobile Security – Scan, protection and optimization of Android and iOS

Posted: July 29, 2013 in Antivirus and Security Software
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360 Mobile Security360 Mobile Security – is a new free mobile application for Android and iOS, providing an impressive array of instruments of data protection, including antivirus and system cleaning tool.

The product scans the mobile device and displays a detailed report on the actions of installed programs on which to judge whether they are dangerous for the system. It is noteworthy that the 360 ​​version of Mobile Security for Android is significantly different from the version for iOS – the second contains a number of additional features and is more flexible.

Appendix 360 Mobile Security is designed to protect smartphones from any malicious software, including viruses, system vulnerabilities and leakage of private data. Security is provided in real time and affects not only the user-defined applications, but also any software package in the mobile device. The developer of the product, the company Qihu 360 Software, claims that the presence of a two-level security allows you to proactively block unwanted components due to 360 QVS + – cloud-scanning technology.

In addition to the features of reliable protection, 360 Mobile Security, a convenient and concise interface – nothing more, and at the same time intuitive access to all program features. Attached are two methods of scanning: quick and complete. Quick scan takes about half the time, and keeps track of only the common types of threats. This mode is quite effective at finding dangerous vulnerabilities and malware. For comprehensive testing of each application is more suitable full-scan mode.

Once the scan is complete, the user can press the Resolve All, to solve all the problems found at once, or select each component (malware, vulnerability and protection) to individually address existing deficiencies. 360 Mobile Security app is able to display, what negative consequences await the system if the threat is eliminated.

Touching the left side of the home screen 360 Mobile Security will open the side panel on the right, contains additional tools – a complete scanning, cleaning system and the protection of privacy. Cleaning function allows the system to delete the temporary file data and other debris. The tool allows you to clear the memory of releasing unused space. Privacy Advisor component displays the rights and permissions set for user applications.

Screen settings of 360 Mobile Security contains only the most basic options – toggle auto-update and auto-run, you can configure the language, share the application with other users, and view the section “About”. But the most interesting thing that you will find here – this is a floating window that is being included in the setup screen displays miniature applet for the application. This applet is visible from any part of the mobile operating system, or if the user wants to restrict access only to the home page.

When you drag the applet in the field of view appears small floating ring, showing the rest of the system and the used memory. And when you move the applet in the center of the screen will instantly optimize your mobile device. Referring to the applet, you will see a panel with the main system dials and task manager.

Overall, the new product is 360 Mobile Security – a decent solution in protecting and optimizing applications iOS and Android. You can download the program for free at Google Play online stores and iTunes App Store.

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