InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise has shown high performance

Posted: August 1, 2013 in Antivirus and Security Software
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InfoWatch logoInfoWatch Group has released an update solutions for the control of information flows and the protection of corporate information InfoWatch Traffic MonitorEnterprise, characterized by an increased level of performance.

Technology implemented in the new version enables you to intercept HTTPS-traffic users on workstations, and not on the gateway, so that the performance of the system increases significantly. In addition, the security officer can now exclude intra-traffic of the monitored flow of information to reduce the load on the server.

“Effective DLP-system should not only provide the required functionality, but also meet the high performance requirements, – says Alexander Klevtsov, development manager of DLP InfoWatch. – Therefore, the development of this update of our flagship product, we focused on how to ensure that the processing and analysis of large amounts of data. “

About InfoWatch (VIDEO)

Additionally, InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise 4.1 integrated detection of self-extracting archives (SFX), which enables the system to analyze archived data on the presence of these sensitive information.

According to the analytical center InfoWatch for 2012, most of the leaks are still going through paper documentation, so the development of InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise4.1 special attention was paid to the channel to send data to the printer. The new version includes an extensive list of print languages ​​and, as a result, not only keeps track of printing on standard office, but also in industrial applications, are often used for large-scale enterprises. Thus, with the help of InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise 4.1 attempted to print confidential documents will be detected regardless of the language version or model of the printer.

In addition, descriptions of incidents of this type now contain as much information as the name and location of the printer to set the number of copies of a printed document. This information is used to investigate the incidents and identify intruders.

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Standard server

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Standard server

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