Spybot Updated – a popular program for removing malicious software

Posted: August 1, 2013 in Antivirus and Security Software
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SpybotSafer Networking Company announced the release of the second technical update for Spybot 2.1 (SR2), the popular solutions to remove the malware. Spybot 2.1 SR2 – better performance, smoother installation. 

The program is presented in two versions: a free personal edition, concentrating on the protection against spyware and various commercial version offering enhanced virus protection as well as additional tools. Updating Spybot 2.1 SR2 contains no new features, but offers a number of improvements in terms of productivity.

So, Spybot 2.1 Service Release 2 includes some significant changes in response to customer feedback to adjust the default settings in the module online protection. These improvements allow enhanced performance of the component.

Fresh release also provides enhanced reporting on the status of a variety of options to be displayed in the software screen Start Center and the notification area icon. In addition, the update 2.1 SR2 provides additional performance through a variety of back-end improvements and a high-quality translation at the expense of the updated language files. As stated by the developer, the installation program now runs more smoothly and quickly.

Spybot 2.1 SR2 – this is the second maintenance update since the release of Spybot 2.1 in May of this year. Then in the paid version adds built-in version of the application anti-virus engine and support for multi-core environments, thus enabling the rapid scanning and providing users with the ability to selectively remove malware from their systems. The program Spybot 2.1 also introduced to the public a new MRU-scanner that analyzes only the recently modified files, and improved search tool rootkits.

Spybot 2.1 Screenshot

Spybot 2.1 Screenshot

Spybot app – Search & Destroy 2.1 SR2 is now available for download, and absolutely free for home PC users with Windows XP and newer. To upgrade from free or professional version of Spybot, you have to pay $ 13.99 and $ 25.99 respectively.

Spybot +AV 2.1 for home PC users – runs on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Spybot Compare Versions

Spybot Compare Versions

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