Hackers are moving to a new electronic currency after closing Liberty Reserve

Posted: August 12, 2013 in IT Security News
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HackersCyber ​​criminals are increasingly turning to the services of the Panamanian service Perfect Money.

Three months later, after a group of international human rights organizations raided the office of the electronic payment system Liberty Reserve (after the company closed down), cybercriminals, most experts say, are increasingly turning to the services of the service Perfect Money. So, Idan Aharoni, one of the leading specialist EMC, said that this company is increasingly being used for money laundering and concealment of income.

At the request of its customers Aharoni and his team of experts in the field of information security was monitoring the underground forums that used to sell stolen credit cards.

“We expected a mass migration to another payment system, which eventually happened,” – said Aharoni.

It is worth noting that at the moment the representatives of Perfect Money does not give any official comment on the matter. Moreover, the official web-site of the company, there are no contact details, except for brief notes that the company is located in Panama. The Panamanian government, in turn, argues that in the country there is no office of the company and was not provided with the relevant license.

“If someone had hoped that the closure of Liberty Reserve will have a lasting effect to reduce crime, then it is not so”, – concluded Aharoni, noting that the attackers still have enough alternatives.

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