Kaspersky Internet Security successfully blocked all the banking Trojans

Posted: September 13, 2013 in Testing
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Kaspersky Lab logoKaspersky Internet Security, successfully repelled all attacks is aimed at online banking systems in the course of specialized testing Online Banking / Browser Security Assessment Project, conducted in the second quarter of 2013.

The danger of attacks aimed at the users of payment systems and online banking, is that if successful, attackers abducted real money account holder, return that can be extremely rare. With the growing popularity of payment services and online banking and increased requirements for security solutions for home users. That’s why independent experts from MRG Effitas had a test to measure how well the popular protective products to cope with such attacks.

Banking Trojan Zeus is the most common type of financial malware. Zeus infects the user’s computer and lies in wait when he will enter the online system of the bank. Once this happens, the Trojan tries to steal accounts online banking passwords and other personal information. This summer, Zeus has set his sights on Facebook, showing how it can be developed to avoid detection and bypass existing security measures banks and vendors of security solutions.

Two types of tests were performed

Test Lab MRG Effitas performed simulations of two types of malicious attacks:

The first test was aimed at “Preventing exfiltration of data using SSL-enabled banking sites” – a simulation of attacks types of “Man-in-the-browser”. “Man-in-the-browser” (MitB Attacks) – kind of attack in which the attacker has the ability to instantly change the parameters of the transaction, to change the page is completely transparent to the victim .

The second test – detection and blocking of banking Trojans family of Zeus (were used 100 Zeus samples with active links).

Testing was conducted on a Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 (64 bit). Only SoftSphere DefenseWall tested on Windows 7 (32 bit).

Blocking of “Man-in-the-browser” (MitB Attacks) attacks

Blocking of Man-in-the-browser (MitB Attacks) attacks
P – application prevented to simulator to gather data.
F – application failed to prevent the simulator attempts to gather data.

Blocking of 100 Zeus banking Trojan

Blocking of 100 Zeus banking Trojan

It is noteworthy that the second type of test experts MRG Effitas not use this Trojan’s program and simulator, which has the same functionality as the most real programs interceptor. As a consequence, in the antivirus databases tested protective products at the time of testing was not signature blocking software simulator at the stage of her boot. The result of this test is dependent entirely on how well the security solution can analyze the behavior of other programs.

According to the results of both tests Kaspersky Internet Security solution showed a hundred percent efficiency, successfully detected and blocked all 100 Zeus modifications, accurately recognizing malicious functional simulator and blocking his attempts to intercept data.

“Specialized tests on the quality of the protection of banking attacks are rare so far, despite the increase in the complexity and urgency of these threats. Laboratory MRG Effitas known deep expertise in this area and its test deserve special attention. Especially indicative test using software simulator that offers the most sophisticated options of attacks that the majority of malware detection technologies are powerless. But thanks to technology, “Secure Payment” Our product has prevented the theft of user data and defended his bank account in all test cases” – said Oleg Ishanov, head of antivirus research lab, “Kaspersky Lab”

Only 21 participated in the testing of protective solution from different vendors. In addition to solving the “Kaspersky Lab”, a high resistance to bank attacks showed only a third of the tested products.

Organization MRG Effitas honors not the first time Kaspersky Internet Security high reward. In November last year, the organization’s experts have appreciated the Kaspersky Internet Security for the protection of financial data users as a result of a similar test.

Kaspersky Internet Security – comprehensive security solution for home users that combines the upscale technology to combat all types of malicious attacks, including the financial and technology to protect against phishing, spam and threats directed at children. In late August, ” Kaspersky Lab” has released a new version of Kaspersky Internet Security solutions for all devices, which while maintaining all the advantages of the previous version, has gained a number of new technology and now provides opportunities to protect computers, smartphones and tablets on popular platforms, Windows, Mac and Android .

According to the press release “Kaspersky Lab”

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