F-Secure Internet Security 2014 next-generation security

Posted: September 14, 2013 in Antivirus and Security Software
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F-Secure logoThe company F-Secure has announced a new version of its product line, including Internet Security 2014, Anti-Virus 2014 for PC and MAC and Mobile Security.

According to the company, the beta period for the Internet Security 2014 will last for about 6 weeks and then will go on a normal cycle of product development. This release includes bug fixes found in previous versions, as well as a new user interface for Computer Security, Online Safety and Launch Pad.

Still, the main advantages of the release – effective proactive DeepGuard, web-protection and parental control, robust online banking and safe visiting social networks. Update is designed to fix all the vulnerabilities in the browser, which are used for Internet-based attacks.

According to F-Secure, 85 % of people use the Internet to make banking transactions online. Especially for the safe operation of experts was set up module Banking Protection, which allows users to make all transfers.

The decision is also used new technology to detect conflicting software (sidegrade): Computer Security installation will now use recycled components to check the computer for conflicting programs that can potentially interfere with normal operation of the anti-virus. Conflicting programs will be displayed to the user, so that they can be removed manually before continuing the installation.

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Video: F-Secure – WILL PROTECT YOU

The company F-Secure was founded in 1988, and in 1999 became a public limited company. The company has two head offices in Helsinki and San Jose, operates in more than 60 countries, has 12 offices around the world. Over the years, F-Secure is a manufacturer of innovative technologies, which are subsequently used by many other developers. In 1991, F-Secure has achieved priority positions and is now dictating the pace of further development, the development of the first anti-virus heuristic analyzer, in 1993 – the first anti-virus solution with central management, and in 2002 – the first anti-virus software for mobile phones (Nokia Communicator).

F-Secure Company offices in Helsinki

F-Secure Company offices in Helsinki, Finland

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