The latest version of the Sphirewall open source firewall

Posted: October 7, 2013 in Antivirus and Security Software
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Sphirewall firewall

The Sphirewall team is pleased to announce yesterday the release Sphirewall, the open source specialized system for the organization of the routers and firewalls, providing flexible tools for analyzing traffic patterns and monitoring of users’ work.

The project is developing a set of modules and associated web-based interface for easy configuration and monitoring, which is very flexible and versatile, making it possible to adapt it for a variety of packet filters and system components. Available for download as iso-image with a ready to deploy the system and the set of packages to be installed in the Debian GNU / Linux. The achievements of the project released under the GPLv3.

Supports user authentication, organization of access to the network management, quality of service, exposure limits on the capacity and size of traffic. Analytics make it possible to visually monitor what is happening on the network. Among the supported components: Nat / Pat, DHCP- server, the server and the client OpenVPN, client PPPoE, audentifikatsiya through local listings or LDAP, filtering based on user / group filtering with reference to the GeoIP, level filtering web-traffic, integration with Intrusion Detection (Snort), filtering HTTPS. From the reports noted statistics by hosts, users, devices, web sites, and protocols.

Sphirewall new features:

– Support for Debian 7.1 kernel and Linux 3.2;
– Significant expansion of the system for the organization of web-filtering traffic (HTTP / HTTPS);
-Increased performance and stability;
– Improved user interface;
– Support for network bridges and transparent filtering transit traffic passing through the bridge;
– Preparation of the environment that is distributed through the cloud infrastructure Amazon S3.

Sphirewall Firewall Screenshots

Sphirewall dashboard

1. Sphirewall Dashboard Screenshot

Sphirewall Rules Screenshot

2. Sphirewall Rules Screenshot

Sphirewall Reporting Screenshot

3. Sphirewall Reporting Screenshot


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