NSA’s Steps Influence Sharply The Future Of Cloud Computing In U.S.

Posted: October 20, 2013 in Articles
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National Security AgencyNSA security breach has posed a great question mark on cloud security. Is it a real secure scenario at the data centers of just hype? Read on…

Every technology has its negative aspects too along with its positive ones. The similar thing is with Cloud technology. It is totally equal to the fact that wherever there is power, there will be a misuse of it. That is why it is said that power should be accountable for desirable output.

Privacy is one of the most concerned issues that are creating a troublesome situation with the use of any ultra-modern technology. The Guardian and The Washington Post, these two famous newspapers of U.S.A. revealed a distressing report on June 6, 2013. The report was that email, phone calls, videos, video chat, photos and other social networking details of U.S. citizens are no more private, as NSA has been using an official loophole to search the entire database and find out the details of certain U.S. individuals without any notice.

National Security Agency Contractor, Edward Snowden told that NSA posses the authority to look into database and get the detailed communication information of law abiding citizens under an NSA program called PRISM that was started in 2007. Most of the U.S citizens concluded that moving their data into Cloud enables the NSA to extract their communication information from the database.

Due to this privacy leakage by NSA several aspects arise which clarify the fact that technology is not always beneficial for the mankind. Instead they have few drawbacks too.

American Service Providers Lost Business

This revelation has made gigantic impacts on IT industry and especially on the acceptance of Cloud computing in corporate world. It is expected that in next few years Cloud computing business is going to lose its market about 10-20% due the privacy breaching by NSA.

It is mandatory for companies who are providing Cloud services in U.S. to allow the data access to the government for preventing the terror acts in the country. But the customers or users don’t want that their private communication information is accessible by someone else, so they lost their interests in Cloud technology provided by the companies in U.S. Considering the users interests, several multinational businesses have denied to be the part of U.S. cloud computing.

This guides U.S. citizens to go away from the American technology service providers and presented a downy way to technology companies from other countries without providing data access to the government.

It is not an easy task to get the exact estimate that how much U.S. cloud computing companies are going to suffer, but as predicted by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) it would be somewhat in between 21-35 billion dollars in forthcoming 3 years 2014, 2015 & 2016. These predictions have amplified the worries of U.S. cloud service provides, as they have already lost a large number of clients due to the information leakage by NSA.  Financial prospect of these companies not seems to be bright, as it is not clear that government will make some changes in its surveillance programs or not.

Effects of Privacy Issues

There is no confirmation from the government about closing the loophole to deny private data access by NSA without any prior information. But the U.S. President Obama has recently added in his statement that reforms would be there on the surveillance programs to ensure the security of the citizens.

Here comes the fact that higher authority should be accountable for its power and reforms are necessary in surveillance programs. NSA’s access to citizens’ personal information should be abridged to have an optimistic future for cloud computing in U.S.

If the government will not look into the matter seriously, the U.S. based cloud computing organizations have to face more hurdles to grow their market in the country.

By Aditi Tyagi

Aditi Tyagi, Editor-in-chief at MyRealData loves to write about QuickBooks Hosting and her keyboards spend most of the time in describing how cloud hosting is changing the way accountants and other business professionals work. When she is not writing about the ‘cloud’, she spends her leisure time reading novels.

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