How to Stay Secure With Android

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Articles
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Android HackedThe possibility of infiltration by malware on android phones remains real. Antivirus applications were touted as possible solutions for attacks on android gadgets. However, their effectiveness remains a debatable question. One of the reasons for this uncertainty is that malwares are mostly packaged, albeit under camouflage, with apps that you choose to install because you need them. There is need, therefore, to identify an android secure system that will be fool proof on your gadget.

So What Are the Best Ways To Secure Android?

One of the basic rules of firm that you need to employ to protect your android is to ensure that you are vigilant when downloading updates. You must carry out a background search to ascertain what you are installing. One of the best ways to secure android gadgets is to simply avoid unknown sources when updating or downloading anything. Sideloading is a popular term in software and download circles. It is used to refer to downloading game and apps from sources other than Google Play. Whereas a few app stores are genuine, many are phony, and generate loads of malwares that bedevil android gadgets. Do not install apps on request, or from random sources. Turn off automatic updates, especially those from unknown sources. Check your android to ensure that the unknown sources tab is unmarked. If by chance you wish to download an app from other sources you are sure of, uncheck the unknown sources box once you are through with the download. It can be observed that the best ways to secure android are easy to master.

Do Your Independent Background Checks

Although the apps from Google Play are regarded safe, it is best to check independent reviews. You may stumble upon useful information that will assist to keep your android gadget safe. Read the possible complications that may arise with various types of android gadgets. The point is that you should not over-rely on Google Play reviews. You should also be extra careful when dealing with new applications. There is usually little information available, hence raising the risk when you download them.

Countercheck the Your Applications before You Download

Some malware writers design them so as to look closely similar to genuine apps. If you are uncertain, check the specifics with the apps store website. If the apps store does not have a website, then chances are high that you have a counterfeit on your hands, and a potential malware.

How To Make Android Work Secure – What Permissions Should You Allow?

It is common for many android users to ignore the screen that seeks your permission to carry out some processes. Although it may be confusing and sometimes impossible to tell what to allow and what to decline, it is the best practice to try and figure out whether what the application is seeking is safe for you. Some may ask for permission to track your location, take photos or make automatic dials. Decide whether you are comfortable with these. Besides, if you cannot, quite, establish why a particular permission is being sought, then decline. Be particularly cautious about apps that want to read and collect data, make calls or send automatic messages. You can further verify the validity of a particular permission dimension by searching the web.


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