Cyber Security Expert Urges Businesses to Perform Cyber Health Checks

Posted: October 24, 2013 in Articles
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HackersOver recent years, more and more businesses have become increasingly reliant on digital technology.

While this has helped to improve processes, increase output, and contribute to the overall success of many businesses, it has also put businesses at increased risk of one of today’s most prevalent types of crime – cybercrime.

Every year, huge numbers of businesses fall victim to this type of criminal activity in some way. Cybercrime is not targeted at specific businesses, as it affects both large and smaller companies as well as individuals and government agencies. Cybercriminals have become increasingly sophisticated in terms of the methods that they use, and have managed to keep up with advancements in technology admirably.

Conducting regular cyber security health checks

One London cyber security expert has now urged businesses to help combat this sort of crime by carrying out regular cyber security health checks. Cybercrime can take many different shapes and forms, enabling criminals to do everything from commit financial fraud to obtain classified information or bring the systems of a company to their knees, which results in havoc and devastation for a company.

Darren Wray, the CEO of Fifth Step London, said that all businesses needed to be aware of the high risk of cybercrime, and that they needed to be proactive in terms of trying to stop this sort of activity. He therefore said that regular cyber security health checks for businesses were the way forward, as this would enable both small and large companies to identify any gaps in their security measures and take action to remedy the issue.

He said that a number of high profile cases had helped to raise awareness of cybercrime amongst businesses over recent years, so more and more companies were now aware of the dangers. However, he added that not all businesses appeared to be taking the threat as seriously as they should, as they were failing to put adequate security measures into place to protect themselves against this sort of activity.

Wray also added that the need to have adequate cyber security in place had become all the more important given the wide range of internet enabled devices that many businesses were now using. This provides cyber criminals with even greater opportunities to commit their crimes via a variety of platforms, and makes the need to have a high level of security in place even more vital for businesses.

He also said that a recently announced cybercrime seminar that is to be held in the UK in October reflected the seriousness of the issue. A leading US advisor on cybercrime, Larry Clinton, will be addressing attendees, and a variety of government officials are expected to attend.

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