Mobile Tracking Apps: Your Children Online Safety

Posted: October 26, 2013 in Articles
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Monitor Text MessagesTexting is THE way to communicate if you’re a teenager. How often have you gone to a restaurant or event and seen a group of teens sitting together but with their heads buried in their phones? I have even seen teens texting each other while they are sitting a few feet away. It can be frustrating and perplexing for an adult who grew up before cell phones wentmainstream.

When we wanted to talk to a friend, we went to the kitchen and grabbed a chair or pulled the phone into a closet to have a private conversation because our phones were in our houses attached to the wall with a cord. Boy have times changed!

Now teens are texting. There are some issues with texting as a form of communication. Since you aren’t talking face to face, sometimes the teen feels a little more assertive than they would if they were in the presence of the person who they were talking to. This is a reason why there are more instances of sexting. Sexting gives a teen a false sense of security. Text messages are also easy to forward and share which has gotten more than one teenager in trouble with racy pictures.

There are many reasons why you want to monitor not only how many text messages your kids are getting and sending but also what is in those texts. Here are 5 important reasons you want to monitor your teens text messages:

1. Your Teen May Be Depressed

Teen depression is becoming an epidemic amongst teens. Teenagers that are depressed have a higher instance of committing suicide, dropping out of school or becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol.

2. Your Teen May Be In Trouble

Since texting is the way teens communicate, there are many things you can learn about your teen from their text messages. You can also see if there are behaviors like drug and alcohol use or if they are having trouble in school. They will often be more open with their friends than they will with you.

3. Your Teen May Be Interacting With a Stranger

The thought of online predators is scary. What if your teen takes their relationship to the next level with someone they met online? They would give them their phone number and most likely text them. If you monitor their text messages you can make sure they aren’t talking to people who they shouldn’t be or people that they really don’t know that well.

4. Your Teen May Be Bullied

Bullying can be dangerous for a teen’sself-esteem and can lead to trouble in school or worse. If you see a change in your teens behavior coupled with a lack of interest in friends they used to hang out with, it could mean that they are being bullied.

5. Your Teen May Be Sexting

Teens are compulsive by nature and they don’t think their actions through. Sending a racy picture to a boyfriend is a bad idea and can come back to haunt them.
Finding an application to monitor your kids text messages is the best way to make sure that your kids are being safe and using their phone responsibly. Do you know what your teens are texting? Maybe it’s time for you to find out!

Lisa Jans is a teen counselor and volunteer at a teen hotline. She is a blogger for Phone Sheriff, an app to monitor text messages.Monitor Text Messages

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