How to Secure Your WebCam Online from Hacker

Posted: October 29, 2013 in Articles
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HackersAll online users are vulnerable to hackers especially those who are using a webcam.

A webcam is a digital camera that is installed in a computer and is connected to the internet where you can view another online user from a different location. They are usually installed on desktop computers and laptops while others are already a built-in feature. Internet hackers are targeting webcams that can provide a gateway in accessing private computers and spying on online users. You can prevent yourself from becoming vulnerable with these steps in order to secure your webcam against online hackers.

Install security software on your computer

Hackers usually attack webcams that have security software vulnerabilities in order to get through the webcam system. Webcam security breach is possible whenever the hacker is able to find the vulnerable points of the security software and use it as an entry point in order to penetrate through the webcam activities. Hackers usually infect a webcam using malware programs and your first and solid defense is to install an anti-malware or anti-virus program in your computer. You can get the best protection against the malicious programs that are running on your computer from paid services however there are also some free and reliable ones such as the AVG Anti-Virus and Microsoft Security Essentials that are free.

Regularly update your computer security system

Unlike the monitoring programs seen in mobile phones such as the Netspysoftware, malicious spyware tend to exploit the weak point of the operating system of a computer to hack through the webcam system. It is thus best to watch for the latest updates from your security software provider to ensure that you can keep your webcam secure against the latest viruses and malware programs that your old security software is not capable of detecting.

Activate your firewall

Every computer has a firewall which filters all traffic going in and out of the computer system. It is capable of detecting whether the traffic passing through is legitimate and can prevent the illegitimate ones. While hackers can bypass most firewall systems, it can give you some additional protection in case of an attempted attack to infect your computer.

Use webcam security software

While an anti-virus or anti-malware software may be sufficient to keep your webcam secured against hackers, you can find security software that specifically provides protective features for webcams. You can install them to your computer and it works to alert or inform you that a webcam is running on the background. If you are not personally using the webcam and you receive the alert from the software you should start suspecting that someone else, possibly a hacker, is connected to and using the webcam to spy on you.

Use your webcam only when needed

If you are not using a built in camera in your computer, your best option to keep it secured against hackers is by unplugging it from your computer when not in use. If you are using a built in webcam on the other hand, you can still prevent the prying eye of a hacker to spy on you by covering it with a cloth or a tape.

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