Problems And Risks Of Using WordPress As A Cms

Posted: November 3, 2013 in Content Management System
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Wordpress VulnerabilityA great number of people have the reasons to believe that WordPress ranks best as a web content manager as well as a blogging platform.

Indeed, the larger side of WordPress represents a great deal of benefits that its users get to enjoy. WordPress happens to be one of the easiest systems to use and above all it is free. In addition WordPress homes a great deal of features which would have otherwise claimed a great sum of dollars if it was for you to develop.

However, no matter how good WordPress might sound, just like any other thing, the system has its downside. The downside of WordPress is the problems that users are exposed to once they opt to use the system as a CMS. In this regard, it will be in the right order to familiarize with such problems. This will help you stay alert and do all you can to lay down necessary measures in effort to curb them.

The following are some of the problems that you must be aware of:


Unlike some other systems where you install and forget them for a remarkably long duration, WordPress will always call for constant update. Failure to update the system in the right time will bring about a lot of operation problems such as incompatibility, security, and display among others. To curb these and other associated problems, be sure to timely update your WordPress. That way, you will have avoided a lot of inconveniencies.


Well, simplicity is one of the key features that make a lot of people prefer using WordPress over other systems. However, the very same simplicity gives way to hacking. In this regard, hackers can access your information easily and steal it. Hackers can as well bring about destructive viruses which, you can be lest assured, will cost you a great deal of cash for repair purposes.To avoid security issues like hacking, be sure to keep you WordPress updated at all times.


It might sound like an advantage to have a great deal of plugins as provided by WordPress. Indeed it is an advantage because it provides room for easy website customization. However, these plugins are sourced by third parties and can prove unreliable as time unfolds. To avoid any problem associated with plugins, you will require maintaining regular updates of the system and also have a close monitoring of the same.


For people specialized in marketing their products by online means, WordPress is not the ideal choice to help you do so. Well, there might be good number of e-commerce plugins at your disposal which will make easy the task of adding product pages. However, online store hosting is bound to come with a lot of insecurity issues. These insecurity issues will definitely not match your online business since it is a threat.


WordPress is not best for Search Engine Optimization in the sense that Google has issues when it comes to scanning Content Management System (CMS) websites. In this regard it will be hard for Google to index your content. This in return makes it hard to have your content traced by the search engine.

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