Eye-opening Stats Of Smartphones

Posted: November 4, 2013 in Articles
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Stats Of SmartphonesAccording to statistics, the share of average website’s mobile traffics equal to up to 25%, and what is more important, the index keeps on growing steadily. As per marketing analysts’ point of reference, a 65-70% increase in the number of devices should be expected by the year of 2016 witha vast legion of mobile users to reach nearly 200 million. It seems that we’ll inevitably face a rapid surge of mobile trafficin the next few years, heated by innovative technologies introduced in neoteric gadgetry almost on a monthly basis (it is hard to grasp it, but a 8-10 years old top Pentium’s performance is a no match to an imposing number of brand-new mobile devices and smartphones in particular).

A piece of statistics

Mobile traffic is absolutely crucial when it comes to marketing campaigns, conversion and revenue generation of course. Therefore, 10% of eBay’s traffic is represented by mobile visitors – the company has managed to earn 5bn in 2011 and crazy 7bn in 2012 solely from mobile traffic. Popular gambling and betting oriented websites report of 20-25% mobile visitors approximately, while payday and installment loans services admit thatthe half of their visitors drop in at their resource via a mobile device.

Breaking the ice for new prospects

Mobile technologies hold a great promise to new prosperous business directions. Therefore, even though Washington Post and New York Times devour their own business, indubitably, their digital subscriptionsare gaining momentum and may lay the foundation of a new era of publishing. With a present day 700k army of subscribers and annual income of $150 m., New York Times is getting ready for a massive breakthrough. At the same time, representing the top league of mobile manufacturers, Apple is working a sweat to improve its Retina display, influencing the attractiveness of mobile units dramatically (not to mention a bunch of the company’s solid competitors putting a lot of effort into developing clever novelties on a regular basis).

Security aspects

In terms of BYOD, finding itself on the crest of the wave, many admit a decent level of mobile security, taking into account the latest advances applied to maintain powerful protection. Moreover, completing numerous transactions and purchasing goods or services online via mobile devices is more secure due to SMS confirmation and verification technologies.

Revealing the insights of smartphones

Either you adapt to the latter-day reality or lay down arms. It is highly probable that smartphone traffic is a future web dominant, so let’s have a thorough look under the microscope here and now. Help yourself with a generous portion of statistics, presented in the infographics we’ve prepared especially for you.

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