What Are The Top 5 Malware Removal Programs?

Posted: November 5, 2013 in Antivirus and Security Software
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Malware RemovalThe 5 Best Malware Removal Programs For You And Your Business Or Personal Computer.

Malware and viruses are known to disable computers and other electronic devices. Finding out what are the top five malware removal programs will be a relief for most users. If you have ever watched your computer crash from entering an infected site, you understand the need for good malware. Computer protection software from viruses, rooks and malware is critical if you operate on the Web. What are the top five malware removal programs? Many who have had the misfortune of encountering these inconveniencing viruses have asked this question. Well, now your question is solved. Here are the top five-malware removal programs.

Spybot Search & Destroy

Spybot Search & DestroyThis device is filled with virus blocking devices, a botnet scanner; it works with window and blocks malware from functioning by changing codes. Spybot is free and it will backup your information before it begins a scan, if you agree. It is great for cleaning up your programs and it stops real time virus problems. You can go online for the newest updates.


BitDefender LogoIt is difficult to do an article without mentioning Bitdefender. Place this program on autopilot and visit any sit you wish. It prevents infected programs from traveling from your device to others visiting your system. Viruses can pass from computer to computer this malware stops viruses immediately.

This is especially strong software for people who enjoy gaming or visiting social media sites.

Symantec Norton Anti-Virus

Symantec CorpNorton is a well – known virus detecting system. This company has been around for years and has helped many users remove viruses from their computers.

This program lets you scan for viruses on your own, if you feel there is a problem. It lists any issues it finds and cleans them up at your command.

McAfee Anti-Virus Plus

McAfee logoThis is a true warning system, which offers you the choice of leaving a site that might infect your system the moment you enter. Traveling over the Web it is easy to get into a spot laying in wait for your computer program. This is a rouge site that might destroy your computer but with McAfee, you are warned and protected. The malware provider has been around a while and is set up for the novice. It presents a problem with false alarms but does give you pause to think about the sites visited. Gaming sites may be a problem with warnings but some are filled with viruses, “better safe that sorry.”

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security EssentialsMicrosoft Security Essentials offers a free malware program that has the capacity to take you computer back to factory status if necessary. The program saves data while your computer is restored or it can simply clear your computer of viruses and rooks. The software updates and removes many common viruses regularly, but there are the newer versions it might miss. Nevertheless, when you need to restore a computer Microsoft Security Essentials is a winner; push a button, the program does the rest, and it avoids false calls.

ESD32 Anti Virus

ESET LogoThis is a highly recommended malware fighter whether you are an expert or a novice. The installation is easy and the program is always on the job. This malware instantly scans outside storage devices protecting your computer from viruses.

A computer infested with malware is easily cleared, if a user has the correct virus fighting software. Others may continue to panic each time a computer operates too slowly or a site looks a bit strange. The fright of seeing a notorious fraud message holding your computer hostage, demonstrates a few of the reasons everyone needs a good malware removal program.

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