5 Ways To Know If You Need A More Secure Mobile Device

Posted: November 6, 2013 in Mobile Security
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Secure Mobile Device

Secure Mobile Device

The truth is that getting a more secure device or downloading some security apps is always a good idea, but there are some instances when this is a necessity. Not only does having a more secure device protect you from hackers, but most of these smartphones and tablets are stronger than the other models on the market. This allows you to do more work in less time because the device will be capable of processing more data.

1. Slow Processing

If you have an old device or a weak CPU, then you’ll obviously have a slow device. This isn’t really a problem. This only becomes an issue if your device randomly becomes much slower. It’s even worse if your device is slow for several hours, but then it resumes normal functioning.

This can indicate several things. The most common problem is that your device has a few viruses that are taking up memory and space. The CPU is concentrating on processing them instead of other processes. The other problem is that you might have a zombie device.

Zombie computers are commonly used during DoS attacks. The hacker will infect computers and devices and use their resources to aid in a malicious attack.

2. Company Connection

Devices that are connected to a company’s network definitely need to be secure. Not only are these devices targeted more frequently than other smartphones, but there are terrible consequences if the hacker gains access to the network.

He or she might steal valuable secrets, erase critical files or make a mess of the databases. Not only that, but since your device didn’t have the proper amount of security, you might be fired or disciplined.

If your device has an intimate connection with the company’s network, then make sure that your device is as secure as possible. Most companies will give you antivirus apps and educate you on the best browsing behaviors to reduce the likelihood of an attack, but getting a secure device will make things much better for everyone.

3. Unsafe Downloading

How frequently do you download free movies, songs, apps and other files? If you do your best to stay away from your device’s official app marketplace and download files from the most convenient websites, then you’ll definitely need a safer device.

This is exactly the type of browsing behavior that hackers love. People who indiscriminately download files from random websites have a much higher chance of downloading a virus. Having a safer device that limits this behavior and resists viruses will definitely compensate for this unsafe downloading.

At the same time, you should also consider being a little more selective about where you download files.

4. Unsafe OS

How safe is your smartphone’s OS? While Android is a powerful system, it isn’t technically as safe as iOS because the programming environment is more open. You can easily install apps from external websites, and the OS is more pliable than iOS. While this is beneficial in some ways, it’s also a problem when it comes to security.

Windows suffers from similar problems. Most hackers train on the Windows OS because it’s a frequent target and most people have it installed on their desktops. The new mobile version of Windows is practically the same as the desktop OS, which makes things much easier for hackers.

While an antivirus app will usually solve the problem, a secure device will just make things safer.

5. Rarely Update Apps

How frequently do you update apps? Most of these updates address security problems, which makes the device more resistant to hackers. If you rarely update your apps or OS, then older viruses that would be harmless can infect your smartphone.

Just like the problem with using an unsafe OS, you can easily fix this by frequently checking for updates. At the same time, a safer device will make this problem less of a threat.


Smartphones are just as vulnerable as desktops and laptops, and it’s time that people understand that. If you engage in unsafe browsing, rarely update your device, have a smartphone that is moving very slowly or have a connection to the company’s network, then you need the safest device that you can buy to resist malicious attacks against your device.

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