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Posted: November 11, 2013 in Articles
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Virus DetectedDo I need antivirus for android?

Android phones have leaped to new heights in the phone business, and cover a majority of the mobile market share. Anti-virus software for android has also drawn some attention with the increased number of mobile phones. Whether Android phones genuinely need anti-virus, a debate is on. There is a mixed reaction to this.

Juniper Networks (leading networking manufacturing company in U.S) did a survey that about 91.3% of malwaresare accounted by Android OS itself. The survey also says that,in every 10 infected malwares, eight are Trojan horses, followed by Spyware and Worms.With therise in the number of Android phones users, Malwares and Spywares have broadened its infection spectrum from personal computers to mobiles. These malwares can hamper your device in multiple ways by intruding into your phone through MMS or SMS, e-mails, fake apps, fake calls etc.

While in contradiction to this, companies like Google, came out heavily against anti-virus software for Android. According to them, the android systems are not prone to virus as they have Linux as their operating system (generally considered extremely secure). This point is valid since the viruses in the market have mainly targeted Microsoft and other operating system but not Android.

It still needs a justification whether your smart-phone needs an anti-virus or not. But the additional features that anti-virus offers to their users, definitely gives them an upper hand like remote location facility, locking your phone through SMS, erasing confidential data when lost, anti-theft function, custom text notification etc.

Sources of threats for Androids

Virus comes in all forms, like Trojanized apps or SMS. Internet is the main medium through which android phones import maximum viruses to the phones. Camouflaging applications or website and forcing web-browser to download fake apps is another way of infecting files. Most of the threats are in the form of Trojans, and they are sent by SMS to premium numbers. Phones are also getting infected by previously infected application or SD-card. The following list is the potential sources of threats for androids.

List of sources of threats for Androids

a) Trojanized apps installed by phone
b) Forcing web-browser to download malicious content
c) Using malware infected SD card
d) Previously infected application installed into your device

How Anti-Virus works? What features do they support?

The standard anti-virus software does memory scanning and cleaning. Anti-virus scans your apps to provide details about what they are doing and also checks the URLs for malware. It also comes with an additional tool, anti-theft, so in case you lose the phone you can remotely locate it and lock it. In case you have misplaced the phone,you can make it play siren sound to look for it. You can even lock the SIM card and prevent USB debugging,as well. Most Anti-virus provides features like Firewall, which blocks unwanted internet access like 3G, roaming, Wi-Fi, and prevents hackers from penetrating your device. Besides this,they also allow you to perform scheduled scanning and to track your phone online. Their additional features giveprovision to take a backup of your contacts online and restore them. Some anti-virus supports secure web browsing, which prevents you from downloading any malicious content from internet.

How to Select Antivirus for Android

These are the following features of the anti-virus you can cross-check before you buy it:

a) Antivirus should do real time scanning for the files, calls, SD-cards and SMS
b) Antivirus should provide malware and spyware protection
c) Anti-virus should have anti-theft features
d) Anti-virus should take the backup of your contacts, photos and call
e) Anti-virus should do a check for the malicious application you are downloading
f) Anti-virus should block spam SMS or call
g) Data transfer and remote blocking
h) Phishing website block
i) Remote device lock up and data wipe

The best anti-virus software available in market for Android phones:

a) Lookout Mobile Security and Anti-virus
b) McAfee Anti-virus
c) Avg Anti-virus
d) Kaspersky Mobile Security
e) Eset Mobile Security
f) Avast Mobile Security

If you are really possessive about your phone and want to protect it from viruses, what you can do is, keepmobile anti-virus updated and avoid downloading unknown files or pirated application to your mobiles. Also, check the battery consumption, as overnight consumption of battery may indicate your phone is infected with thevirus.

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