14 Ways To Improve Security At Your Business

Posted: November 12, 2013 in Articles
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security keyboard lockHow to boost security at your place of business. Improve security and your business will earn a good reputation amongst customers!

Your business is only as secure as you make it. It’s vital that your private information remains confidential to secure your financial data and to guarantee that customer privacy isn’t threatened.  Essentially, it’s crucial to your company’s future that you think carefully about your security.

Maintaining a consistently high level of security in your business is paramount. This article covers some of the main techniques on how you can improve the security throughout your company.

1) When employees leave your company, whether through them getting a new position elsewhere or getting fired, it’s vitally important that you remove all access that they had to your main systems. Remove their permissions, change passwords and ask for company devices / sim cards to be handed back to the business.  Most employees who leave a business won’t be interested in harming any employers, however, it only takes one person with a disregard for privacy to ruin your reputation.

2) Analyse and review the information that passes through your network connection. Don’t accept any online information if you doubt its source.

3) Employ strong authentication procedures, such as Access Control and token instead of passwords. It’s very important that your key information can only be accessed by those who you give permission to.

4) Install powerful encryption functionality on all software applications used throughout every level of your business.  Each employee should be carefully informed of changes regarding the maintenance of security within the company.

5) Ensure that all employees are fully aware of the company’s policy in regards to sharing passwords and usernames. Tell them that important details such as these are to be kept in the strictest confidence.

6) If the data you store is of a particularly sensitive nature, you may wish to employ an HID access card system in key areas throughout your business. This will limit access to sensitive data and guarantee that you have direct control over who is and isn’t granted this access.

Improve Fire Security

7) Aside from securing information, it is also highly beneficial to focus on improving fire safety in the workplace. This can be done fairly simply, by carefully communicating fire procedures to employees and ensuring that they use electronic devices that are maintained properly and tested regularly.

8) Place high quality fire safety devices throughout your premises and ensure that employees are fully aware of the difference between fire alarm tests and real alarms.

Improving IT Security

9) Use recommended, high quality web host services, with a proven track record.

10) Make sure you have a strong firewall set-up and that your internet connection has been correctly configured by an IT professional.

11) Install modern anti-virus software on all computers and remember to update it on a regular basis to protect systems and information against malware and viruses.

12) Ask all employees to create passwords with a mixture of numbers and letters, upper and lower case. Ask employees to keep the password to themselves and not to write it down.

13) Restrict the use of USB flash drives and make sure they are ‘signed out’ when needed.  Keep records of who owns a flash drive and ensure that all information on the drive is logged.

14) Carefully monitor social media usage within your business.  Dangerous phishing sites are often used posted on both Facebook and Twitter which enables the computer to be hacked. This could in turn, be dangerous for your internal computer systems.

Improving security within your business requires some careful forethought, but it isn’t difficult and you should certainly consider investing sufficiently in this area to protect your company.

Rick Miles writes for Crown Fire Security in Northern Ireland. He encourages firms to be safety and security conscious at all times.

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