Website Security Tips for SEO

Posted: November 22, 2013 in Articles
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Security Tips for SEO

Security Tips for SEO

Improving your website traffic through efficient SEO strategy may bring substantial sales growth to your business and this is why it is important to take care of your website’s security.

Ever since the Internet has developed into a global marketing and ecommerce tool, the number of malicious attacks grew and many users have been affected. A hacked website can lead to losing important data and negatively affect your website’s SERP ranking.

Bear in mind that SEO is not just about improving your ranks but maintaining these positions as well. Since any kind of unauthorized change may negatively affect them, you must make sure you did everything to protect your website from potential fraudulent activities.

To provide maximum security to your website data, you must pay attention to the following:

Always upgrade to the latest version of the application you use.

If you use WordPress or some other third-party platform, you must keep in touch with new releases and upgrade as soon as possible. These applications often roll out new versions in order to improve general user experience and patch possible security vulnerabilities. As soon as you receive the information of the update, you should upgrade to the latest version because this will make it harder for hackers to attack your website.

Use Google Webmaster Tools to monitor potential changes.

Every successful SEO strategy depends a lot on your familiarity with Google Webmaster Tools. However, besides monitoring search traffic, this tool also helps you monitor your website’s security. In the Settings section of your account, you can see any suspicious changes that may have been made by a hacker. You should also check Optimization > Remove URLs section to make sure no unauthorized activities have been performed; or Configuration > Change of Address section, where you can easily notice anything unusual.

Keep regular backups.

A potential loss of data should be a major fear for any website owner. If you lose your configuration settings or user information, your business may well suffer from consequences. This is why you want to make sure all your databases and important user information is stored somewhere where they could be retrieved easily. Loss of website contents would also erase all your rankings and this is something you don’t want to risk.

Have a reliable sysadmin.

If your hosting provider or server gets particularly vulnerable to malicious activities, your system administrator should be the first one to know. Whoever is in charge of these issues must be ready to act in time in order to prevent potential disaster. Make sure there is a competent person taking care of hosting issues, so you’d have peace of mind when it comes to your website’s security.

Even a temporary issue can negatively affect your search rankings, so you must take all the necessary steps to prevent a potential disaster. If your website data get compromised, you’ll definitely feel the consequences on various levels. Therefore, every efficient SEO strategy must first work out the ways to fight security issues, as this contributes to smoother website growth and reaching good SERP rankings.

Andrew Bee is a experienced writer interested different areas. He mostly writes about business and technology, but lately interested in internet, online advertising and various web site optimization techniques

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