Guidelines For Safe Cloud Computing

Posted: November 27, 2013 in Articles
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CloudThere are a few key elements to focus on when keeping your cloud computing secure and safe. If you are concerned about security and are looking into cloud providers then asking them some questions about how they keep their data secure can help you made an informed decision.

Not all cloud companies are equal when it comes to safeguarding their data so make sure to be conscious of their provisions for security and whether they meet your personal criteria. No policy can guarantee 100 percent protection but better providers along with your own vigilance can help keep you safe when using cloud computing. Here are some important things to consider regarding a provider’s security level.

Physical security measures

A cloud provider must give its customers physical protection for the environment in which you store your data. Ask about their protection policies and what type of measure they have to keep access to the facility secure.

Updating the System

You will need to have continual software updates to keep your system secure. The provider should give you updates for software patches, firewall, firmware and intrusion protection.

Edge Computing

A provider with edge computing capabilities can distribute workloads across clusters of computers. They can also use content filtering, geography and IP address blocking to reduce distributed denial of service attacks.

Secure User Access

With cloud computing, users need to be authenticated to limit access to data. When employees leave your company their accounts should be disabled quickly and even the identity of customer service calls should be confirmed by the provider.

System Monitoring

The cloud computing environment needs to have system monitoring in place in order to detect and respond to attacks. They need to maintain system and access logs as well as review user access permissions.

Use Backup Solutions

One of the biggest benefits of the cloud is the ability to easily create backups of your data. Take advantage of this and make sure the provider can give you access to backups should anything happen like an outage or natural disaster. Backing up your data with multiple copies is crucial to keeping it safe and secure with cloud computing.

Client References about Security

If you are looking a provider and are unsure of their level of security then ask to look at client references to see what other companies are using their services. If there are clients that need strict security like financial or insurance organizations then the provider is likely to have a good track record.

Run Tests

To make sure your data is secure you can run tests to see if the security provisions are effective. If you can find a way to get unauthorized access to your own data through a test then the security is not up to par.

When choosing a cloud computing service you need to follow some of these guidelines to make sure that they have the type of security that you need. Take the time to find a provider that meets your needs in terms of protecting access to your data.

Leo Hart is a cloud computing expert who specializes in configuration of dedicated virtual servers at Custom Cloud.

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