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Posted: December 6, 2013 in Articles
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CompTIAThe world leader vendor in the field of Security, CompTIA has just released two new security certifications, one of which is CompTIA Mobile App Security+ Certification.

Mobile App Security+ Certification – ADR-001

This newly launched certification by CompTIA is planned to validate the understanding and skills of developers in the field of IT to professionally build and design secure mobile applications. A developer who attempts to prepare and clear the CompTIA Mobile App Security+ certification exam, it would depict the ability and skills of the developer to develop highly secured iPhone and Android applications. This certification exam in collaboration with CompTIA’s partner in exam development, via Forensics, is now released and available around the globe.

Mobile App Security+ Certification details:

This certification is one of the two mobile centered certifications launched by CompTIA this fall. This certification is targeted specially for software developers who are well abridged with the knowledge of developing secure applications. Candidates for this certification would be IT specialists who work to make sure that mobile applications are developed and launched securely.

The certification validates:

The CompTIA mobile App security+ certification (ADR-001 exam) is launched to validate and test the skills of mobile applications’ developers in creating secure iPhone and Android applications at the same time creating secured network communications.

Two variants of the certification

The CompTIA mobile app security+ certification exam has two variants i.e. an iOS version and an Android version. The candidates who desire to be certified only have to clear one out of these two exam versions. Either they will take the Android exam version or an iOS exam version.

Prerequisites for the certification

CompTIA certification exams are designed for those candidates having an experience of at least 2 years in the field of mobile app development. Ideal candidates for this exam are software developers, app management developers, mobile app developers, and developers in the field of network security.

With CompTIA mobile app security+ certification, developers can:

  • To make themselves stand out as a highly skilled mobile app development
  • Get worldly renowned certification tag i.e. CompTIA
  • Depict their professionalism in being dedicated to developing secure applications

Exam details:

The exams for the CompTIA mobile app security+ are objection type exams based on multiple choice questions. Each exam consists of one hundred multiple choice questions which the candidate must attempt within a time period of ninety order to pass. The candidate must score 730 on a scale of 100-900. The exam is available in English at present. Candidates who wish to take the Android edition exam must register for the exam code: ADR-001 and candidates who wish to take the iOS edition exam must register for the exam code: IOS-001.The exam can be registered at the price rate of US Dollars 284. The candidate has two take only one out of two available exams to be certified as CompTIA mobile app Security+ certified developer. Candidates for this certification would be IT specialists who work to make sure that mobile applications are developed and launched securely.

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