4 Types Of Cyber Criminals That You Should Be Wary Of

Posted: December 13, 2013 in Articles
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HackersThere are different kinds of cyber criminals. This article discusses 4 types that you should know about.

The internet has truly opened so many doors for everyone. Now, people can do business with ease and communication is so much more convenient too. If you think about it, you can actually do almost anything via the net. Shop, chat, call, play games, organize your work, create your presentations or do your banking online.

Aside from the convenience it offers, the internet is also a fount of so much information. Just Google any topic and a barrage of details will immediately be at your fingertips. Truly, it’s difficult to imagine life without the net. But you shouldn’t become too complacent when using it because the internet has also spawned a number of ingenious criminals that you should be wary of.

1. The Hacker

Some movies or television shows glamorize the illegal work that hackers do. They might look cool as they tap on their computer keyboards with lightning speed and get through firewalls, but these things do not change the fact that hacking is illegal. Getting a person’s personal information or a company’s private details without permission is a crime punishable by up to five years in prison, even for a first-time offender.

Cyber Criminals

2. The Stalker

The internet has put stalking to a whole new level. In the past, stalkers somehow only had a limited access to their victims. But things are different today. Creepy individuals can now do their stalking online. They visit chat rooms or they check out their victims’ personal websites. Many also create fake online profiles as this makes it easier for them to build rapport with their targets. Through the net, stalkers can also gain access to a person’s personal files, and so he becomes privy to private details.

3. The Scammer

There are all sorts of scammers online, and their main goal is to get your money. They do this by posing as respectable individuals, usually from the United States or other first-world countries as this gives them more credibility. To illustrate, they could pose as sellers, businessmen or auctioneers who are selling all types of products, including valuable and unique items. Some even advertise themselves as professionals, like researchers or lawyers, who offer their services for a fee. They gain a person’s trust through various means. For instance, they’ll first make sure that the victim will be able to contact them immediately through calls, emails or texts. They will also reply right away, and by making themselves always available, the victim will think that they are legit. As soon as the victim sends them money or gives them credit information to pay for a chosen product or service, they immediately become inaccessible. Fraudulent activities such as these, as well as other forms of fraud mentioned in http://houstongalvestonlawyer.com/ , such as bank fraud, credit card fraud, and insurance fraud, are white collar crimes with serious punishments.

4. The Identity Thief

An identity thief obtains your personal information and commits criminal acts that will be traced back to you. Offenses often include theft and fraud, especially credit card fraud. This type of offender can get your personal information through various means. He can find info online by checking out your personal blogs or websites. “Dumpster diving” is another common technique that criminals use if they want to acquire your personal details. So, don’t throw away financial or bank statements without erasing or removing essential details on such documents. An identity thief can also get info by stealing your wallet, taking your mail or phishing, wherein he poses as a representative of a respected group or business in order to gain your trust and your confidential details.

This blog post was contributed by Claire Taylor, a freelance writer who regularly writes about tech and legal issues.

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