Cloud-based Anti-Viruses: How effective are they?

Posted: January 17, 2014 in Articles
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information securityEverything nowadays seems to be going on the cloud.

Gaming, TV, CRM and many more have found a perfect match in the cloud. Such are the qualities provided by the cloud that most of its associations are fruitful.

One such technology that has not too recently joined hands with cloud is the anti-virus. There are some great benefits of using the anti-viruses available on the cloud. These include:

1. Runs on existing software

The cloud based anti-virus runs on existing software. No extra requirement is needed for the software to work.

2. Automatic updating

One major positive for cloud based antiviruses is that they are always updated. There is no need for regular update checks and updating. With the native software if it is not up to date the recent malware might creep into the system but with cloud based one always updated there is no chance for any virus to get into the machine of yours.

3. Low setup cost

The setup cost required to initialize the on system antivirus is much more than that of the cloud one. Moreover maintenance overheads of a cloud security are also less as there is no need for an IT team to look after the working of the anti-virus.

4. More security

The security options provided by the cloud based antiviruses are much more than that of the on system one. The protection against viruses, Trojans, malware etc. all is provided in the single subscription which is not the case in the latter.

Cloud-based Anti-Virus

5. Initialization time is less

To get whole of the office installed with an antivirus takes hours of work and a huge effort on the part of the IT department but with cloud anti-viruses, the setup is just a click away.

But with all these advantages comes the question that is whether the cloud based antiviruses really offer what they say. The answer to this question is a little difficult as mostly we see that the Cloud services of anti-viruses don’t always offer a fair deal. They are effective to a certain degree but in some scenarios they fail miserably. The protection offered by them towards on system software’s is not up to the scratch although the online security is top notch.

The data security is also provided by cloud security systems. This security is of a very high order with recent surveys suggesting that 90% of the users store their important and critical data on the cloud. What this means is that the online security and anti-viruses are surely gaining momentum. More and more firms are resorting to the online security with the obvious positives they have to offer. One of the biggest examples is the QuickBooks Hosting in cloud which is growing popular with every passing day.


In the end it can be said that the decision to rely on the cloud antivirus should be based strictly upon the company needs. If the company is getting every inch of security from the on premise antivirus then they should stick with it. But if they are not satisfied and feels that updating and maintaining them is a major pain then switching to cloud antivirus is a no brainer.

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