Galileo is a tool that can spy all kinds of mobile devices

Posted: January 24, 2014 in IT Security News
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GalileoHacking Team Remote Control System: Spy Software “Galileo” can hack any mobile devices

Hackers from Italy said that they could hack any smartphone.

There is a tool in the software market, that can spy the owners of devices running iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, as well as Mac and PC. Italian hackers from Hacking Team reported about the release of Galileo.

Hackers from Italy, known as Hacking Team, announced the release of the program, which is capable to hack any smartphone running iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. In addition, the developers claim that the tool is able to hack computers running Windows and OS X.

Hacking Team Remote Control System

Hacking Team Remote Control System

According to the developers, the software is able to break the protection of almost all existing platforms. This, in turn, allows attackers to gain access to the personal data of users.

A software tool was named Galileo and, according to the developers is capable of breaking through defense system of modern operating systems.

Getting into the device the program begin to transmits voice and text messages, emails, files, web-surfing history to the hackers in “invisible” mode, and can also provide remote access to camera and microphone. Further, all the data are transmitted to a secure RCS-server.

Hacking Team declares that despite the almost constant activity of the program, it does not affect performance or any other features of the device and the chances of finding software by the user are minimal. At the same time, the software can be installed remotely.

Developers cooperate with the authorities in different countries and do not intend to distribute a tool for public use.

According to hackers, they sell their software only to the government departments. It is known that official government departments of such developing countries as Mexico, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Morocco, Sudan, Malaysia, Ethiopia, and UAE are in the list of potential customers of the software.

Galileo Remote Control System

Galileo Remote Control System Overview

Distributed Galileo RCS Architecture

Distributed Galileo RCS Architecture

Distributed Hacking Team RCS Architecture

Galileo RCS Console

Galileo Console

The Galileo RCS Console used by various governments to control their surveillance kit.

However hackers from Italy claim that they only work with those countries whose governments do not conflict with the U.S. and NATO.

Mapping Hacking Team’s “Untraceable” Spyware on image below (Source:

Hacking Team RCS spyware

21 Suspected Government Users of Hacking Team’s RCS spyware

HackingTeam – All the development is made in Milan, by a team of 40+ professionals focusing on all the aspects of offensive security: Website

  1. Sergey Gor says:

    Hacking Team spyware company hacked, embarrassing emails revealed

  2. Adam K. says:

    Hacking Team spyware company allegedly breached, 400GB of data dumped online

  3. Sergey Gor says:

    On the morning of Monday, July 6, Hacking Team sent out emails to its customers with the recommendation to suspend the use of its remote control system –

  4. Sergey Gor says:

    After two Adobe Flash player zero-days disclosed in a row from the leaked data of Hacking Team, security researchers from FireEye and TrendMicro has been discovered two new zero-day vulnerabilities.

  5. Sergey Gor says:

    ‘Hacking Team’ Loses License to Sell Surveillance Malware Outside Europe –

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