Need for Getting VPN for Smart Devices

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Articles
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VPN LogoIf you are someone who is regularly using Smartphone, then you may not be using VPN.

The major feature that is associated with VPN is that it helps you in surfing over internet both in the private as well as public hotspots as it created a virtual tunnel for the smart device of users.

This can help the private files of yours to be kept safe from the access of some third party. You should not hesitate in getting VPN service as it can provide you with ultimate way of protecting your private date.

There are various ways through which VPN assures protection.

1. Blocks ISP from Observing You-

When you are making use of VPN for surfing over the internet, it can block ISP from actually finding out the way you are behaving online. The ISPs can otherwise log, monitor and even can control the smart devices of yours. There is no evil intention in this but whole your privacy can be violated for surveillance process of the ISP. By making use of the services of VPN, you can block the various parties from monitoring what you are actually doing online. The search engines, website owners etc do this for the purpose of surveying the way the internet or their particular website or search engine is made used by the audience who reach here. The online behaviors of the users are usually tapped by the various businesses in finding out whether they can be legitimate users of them or not. This is made used as a marketing strategy and if you are someone who do not have the willingness to share your privacy then you should start make use of VPN. When you are going abroad and connecting to Wi-Fi you can be away from the worry of getting your mobile device get hacked by someone if you are making use of VPN.

2. File Security-

The file security that you get with the usage of VPN is something that you can never get from any other services. As in the case of computers, the mobile devices can also be manipulated much easily by the hackers who are really experienced when you are making use of a public connection. This threat towards hacking can be really reduced or avoided if you are making use of VPN for carrying out all the transactions. There is possibility for you to lose your banking details if you are making use of any mobile wallet application along with the files that you have in your Smartphone if you are making use of public connections. The users of android gadgets are more prone to this kind of attacks as it an environment that is basically open source in nature. The Apple has recently done some improvements for ensuring the security of the data stored in the iPhone’s. They have implemented a facility called Touch ID -fingerprint sensor that can be helpful for preventing the handset from being unlocked by others and purchasing something. The iCloud facility is also made secure by making the users enter a pin each time they access the facility. VPN actually functions like a firewall that not only protects a particular file but whole system from any kind of attack.

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3. Location Specific Applications-

There are certain applications which can be accessed only based on the geographical area and is restricted with IP address. There are chances for you to make use of such an application irrespective of the location at which you are if you are making use of the VPN service. If VPN service is made used, the provider can assign you with an IP address of the location that you want so that you can get the applications that you want even if you are not at the particular place.

4. Accessing Office Network-

If you are making use of your smart device for the policy of your company, there is possibility for you to subscribe VPN for remotely accessing the files that are stored in the PC at your office to the Smartphone or tablet of yours. The VPN can also help in synchronizing the work email along with the email that you have in phone.

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