McAfee Server Security Suites – Comprehensive protection for the hybrid data center

Posted: August 27, 2014 in IT Security News
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McAfee logoMcAfee has announced key enhancements to its Server Security Suites product portfolio, including the optimization of productivity and efficiency in order to improve the security of servers deployed in physical, virtualized and cloud environments.

The Server Security Suites product line updated include reliable systems servers which open up opportunities for business growth, whether it is physical, virtualized or cloud environment. McAfee has released the following list of innovations Server Security Suites:

  • Simplified initialization Security Virtual Appliance (SVA) through component NSX Composer for deployments MOVE AV (Agentless).
  • Increased visibility and control of network communications between virtual machines with the MOVE Agentless Firewall, implementing VMware vCloud Networking and Security (vCNS) – a solution based on a hypervisor for virtualized data centers.
  • Easier management of safety thanks to the new manager for the SVA-MOVE AV for the effective control and load capacity in virtualized environments.
  • Improved resource optimization for virtualized environments through the Enhanced Virus diagnosis and reduce the load on system resources.
  • Automatic detection and management of virtual machines when they are initialized in private and public clouds, thanks to two new connectors McAfee Data Center Connectors for Microsoft Azure and OpenStack in addition to existing for Amazon AWS and VMware vSphere.

Data Center Security

McAfee Server Security Suites Solutions provide the basic elements for the protection of servers that provide the scalability and flexibility of modern data centers. In order to protect the virtualized data center and support of server workloads, McAfee offers the following new set of tools for server security:

  • McAfee Server Security Suite Essentials provides fundamental server protection and management across physical, virtualized and cloud environments. Support blacklists and optimized virtualization workloads provide security for all types of servers.
  • McAfee Server Security Suite Advanced includes all the features McAfee Server Security Suite Essentials, as well as additional forms of protection, such as creating white lists to block zero-day threats and the constant threat of increased complexity.

Protect your servers infographicBoth of these packages contain the technology McAfee MOVE AV, is carrying out an advanced malware protection in virtualized server environments and can be deployed on different platforms. All of these features are tightly integrated with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator software for efficient centralized risk assessment, incident resolution and management of security policies.

This article is based on the official press release from McAfee

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