How to protect themselves from Cryptolocker?

Posted: January 30, 2015 in Articles
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Defending Your Business from cryptolockerCryptolocker – a program that belongs to the category of so-called “ransomware”.

Cryptolocker encrypts files on the hard disk drive of a computer running Microsoft Windows and requires the payment of redemption, before you download the server private key to decrypt the files. You need to pay a ransom for 72-96 hours. If during this time the money is not transferred to the designated account, key to decrypt the file is deleted and it is impossible to restore files.


Cryptolocker infection

Here eScan experts talk about the precautions that will help minimize the chances CryptoLocker attack and save your data:

  • Backup files. If you use an external hard drive for backup, do not leave it connected to the computer. But keep in mind that you can still be vulnerable if the drive which used to back up, connected as a network drive.
  • Save files in the cloud. For example, your photos you can upload to online services such as Flickr or Picasa.
  • Take care that you have included the anti-spam and anti-virus e-mail. For example, Google Mail does not allow to send or receive executable files as attachments, even if they are archived.
  • Be careful when you click on advertisements. Never open the Twitter links and attachments from people you do not know or trust.
  • Make sure that your operating system has all the latest security updates.
  • Install the latest version of your Internet browser and refresh additions, such as Java and Adobe Flash.
  • Install reputable anti-virus software and make sure that it is up to date, by monitoring the release of updates.
  • If you are using Windows 7, check your system restore points. On Windows 8 configure the history files.
  • You must act quickly. If you accidentally downloaded a suspicious message, keep in mind that it takes time for encryption. It makes sense to turn off the computer and refer to specialists.
  • You need encrypt files which you want especially to keep secret, such as documents containing your passwords or personal information to prevent criminals’ access to content of these files.


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