Various security tools for safer browser access

Posted: November 23, 2015 in Articles
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security tools for safer browser accessWell, who doesn’t loves to access free software for their download purposes?

Everyone surely wants to access these opportunities as and when available.

Recently, there was an unscientific poll organized in the country where it was asked to multiple readers to acknowledge about their most wanted free information security accessing tools. And here are few security software to deal with the privacy policies of protecting websites as well as mobile applications. Here we go:


Maltego security software tool collects information together that are to be posted all over the internet, whether it’s the current router configuration on the edge of an organization’s network or about the current existence of the members of your company.

Zed Attack Proxy Settings

ZAP which is commonly known as Zed Attack Proxy software tool that acts as a user-friendly testing tool to find ample of vulnerabilities in various web applications. This software tool is essentially designed to be brought into use by practitioners with wide range of latest security experiences that can act as an ideal tool for thousands of developers and many functional testers who are interested in managing new testing processes.

Samurai Web Testing Software Tool

The Samurai Web Testing Framework acts as a web pen-testing environment tool. Tools comprises of advance domain scanner and Maltego scanning processes. It validates a WebScarab and ratproxy testing base to perform advance scanning processes.


BackTrack is purely a Linux-based pen-testing professional security toolbox software that perform multiple assessments in pure native environment. Users have an easy access to these variety of software tools such as port scanners and password crackers.

BackTrack security tracking software tool falls into the following 12 categories:

  • Gathering Information
  • Assessment Vulnerability
  • Exploitation tool
  • Privilege escalation process
  • Accessibilty Options
  • Reverse Engineering Process
  • RFID Process
  • Testing Maximum Test
  • Forensic Accessibilty
  • Reporting Process
  • Advance Services
  • Miscellaneous category Deals with numerous of Advance Security Tools


The MobiSec Live Environment Mobile Security Testing Software Tool is a type of open source project used mainly for various mobile testing environments with numerous of advance applications and wide number of supporting infrastructures related to security. This highly advance tool permit users to test their different mobile environments to identify existing designing weaknesses and its related vulnerabilities.


Nessus is one of the world’s most popular advance vulnerability and configuration assessment tools. Used by many professionals. Nessus posses a high-speed discovery tool, auditing configuration system, sensitive data recovery, integration managemnet system and vulnerability check system.


Nmap is known as advance open security source tool for proper functioning of network exploration and various security auditing process. Nmap is especially built for an immediate network scanning advantage though it works against all types of single hosts as well. It’s effective scanner prefers working as raw IP packets in order to determine what all kinds of new hosts are available on the network, what all operating systems are in function, what types of packet filters and various firewalls are in active state with dozens of various other advance characteristics. After 3.5 years of work on Thu, 19 Nov 2015 Nmap 7 has been released.


Open VPN is an open source SSL VPN software tool that acts in diverse configuration environments, remote access areas, Wi-Fi security processes and enterprise oriented remote access solutions with load balancing features and various access controls. OpenVPN works with OSI layer 2 and layer 3 secure network extensions using SSL/TLS protocol, enables flexible client authentication process based on certificates, smart cards by allowing multiple users and supporting large group of specific access control policies using firewall authentication process applied to VPN virtual interface.

Ophcrack Security Tool

Ophcrack software Security Tool is based on free Windows password cracker process based on the figure of rainbow tables. It is presented as a graphical user interface tool that runs on multiple platforms with proper specifications.

Ophcrack Security Software Tool includes following traits:

  • LM and NTLM crack hashes;
  • Brute-force for cracking simple passwords;
  • Audit mode support system;
  • Real-time graphic tool for password analyzers;
  • Simplify cracking method with live demo option;
  • Dumps and loads hashes from encrypted SAM recovered from a Windows partition.

Hping Security Software Tool

Hping is a command-line prompt TCP/IP packet assembler as well as analyzer software tool which is used for various functionalities neded on frequent basis:

  • Firewall testing;
  • Advanced port scanning;
  • Network testing using different protocol support, TOS and fragmentation process;
  • Manual path as MTU recovery process;
  • Acts as an Advanced trace-route under various supported protocols;
  • Remote OS fingerprint options;
  • Remote uptime guessing method;
  • TCP/IP stack auditing method.

This software especially runs on the following systems: Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, MacOs X and Windows.

Fierce Security Software Tool

Fierce security software tool is especially designed to target various inside and outside corporate networking systems. This is specially designed software tool is essentially for professional system tool and a PERL script built to scan various domains within less amount of time using various approaches. Its extremely an easy process to run a scanner against an IP range with the help of this tool.

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