What Kind of Personal Security Software is Right for You?

Posted: December 29, 2015 in Articles
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Personal Security SoftwareSecurity software should work well with your operating system, and it shouldn’t get in the way of your daily activities.

Most browser hijackers aim to send you messages about shopping opportunities, which results in a slower computing experience. The same is true for poorly made security solutions.

Additionally, if you have a computer that incurred an infection while being protected by security software, it’s time to begin searching for something to replace your lackluster security guardian.

Understanding Firewalls

There are many types of firewalls.When talking about personal computers and software-based solutions, most people are referring to software firewalls. It’s likely that your router or modem also has a hardware firewall, but the hardware firewall is rarely updated and it works only to block major attacks that meet certain requirements. For example, you might have a hacker who tries to ping your system to determine if it’s active on the network.


Choosing a Firewall

Software firewalls work well to prevent applications from sending out important information like sensitive personal information or credit card data. All home users should look for a solution that includes a firewall. A good security solution should include a firewall, and there are often coupons available to help you save more money on full-fledged options, so you can access programs like McAfee security solutions at reduced prices.

Anti-Virus Solutions

The anti-virus program should protect your computer from the most common viruses that are released into the wild. If it’s a brand-new virus, a less sophisticated program might not detect the infection. A better program uses heuristics and other advanced features to determine if code is acting like a virus. It can then quarantine the virus for manual review.

Various Malware Types

Anti-malware often includes anti-spyware technologies as well. Both types of threats attempt to steal information or use your computer. PC World notes that spyware attempts to steal information like passwords from your computer. Malware works by creating programs on your computer that seek to harm your computer or other computers by using pieces of code known as bots. Bots don’t actively harm your computer, but they allow an attacker to use your computer to launch attacks on others.

Various Malware Types

Taking your computer security seriously is important. An infected computer contributes to the issue of world-wide attacks on financial institutions, governments and other establishments. When installing a new anti-virus program, it’s not a bad idea to get some help backing up your computer and performing a clean install. Bots, worms, and rootkits are all versions of malicious code that can be prevented, but they are hard to get rid of once you have them.


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