6 Of The Best Ways To Keep Your Online Business Secure

Posted: January 15, 2016 in Articles
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Online Business SecureThe Best Ways To Keep Your Online Business Secure

As any ecommerce shopper knows, sometimes you come across viruses and malware. As an online business owner, you have to worry about viruses, hackers and thieves that could take down the website, the business and your livelihood.

Fortunately, there are several ways to improve the security of an online company.

1. Create a Professional Look

First, make your website look and function as professionally as possible. On the homepage, have security seals and SSL certificates visible for wary customers. They are more likely to use a site that is proven to be secure. On the same page or another, include positive customer testimonials that help people feel safe when they browse the site. Hire a web designer to create clean, even layouts of the pages. You need attractive features to ensure its success and popularity.

2. Install Antivirus Software

When you set up an online business, install antivirus software on the computer as the first step. There are many businesses that do not bother making this important installation. Keep the program up to date with security updates whenever they come.

3. Check Out Your Staff

A big problem that you could easily overlook is the rustworthiness of the staff. Disgruntled employees are known to hack into the company’s online system and steal information. They could log keys or persuade other employees to give up passwords. Past employees are one of the biggest threats to the company.

4. Contact the Professionals

You should never underestimate the importance of getting help from professionals. There are companies that specialize in everything that involves computers and technology. Many people know about computer security, but they know nothing about online website security because those are two different areas. Find a team of experts to recommend the right tools and techniques for you. If you need one or two security software programs, software experts and engineers like those at cogitechsolutions.com can help.

5. Require Passwords and Security Codes

If you use a wireless router, protect your files with a password. Use a firewall that prevents unauthorized people from getting their hands on your data. Request a password for any computer or database that is full of confidential information.

6. Secure the Premises

Secure the premises where you work, even if you work at home. A burglar could enter the building at night and steal all of the main computers. By morning, you have no computers, a compromised security system, stolen identities, dissatisfied customers and a ruined business. Secure the physical area where you work with different security features from gates to cameras.

Your Online Business Secure


It does not matter how popular the online business has become. There will always be risks of hackers and identity thieves. You have to assure your customers that the company puts safety first. Invest in the security tools and techniques that protect businesses and their customers.


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