Tech Risks: 4 Ways Malware Can Impact Businesses

Posted: January 21, 2016 in Articles
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Ways Malware Can Impact BusinessesMalware is one of those things that can sneak imperceptibly onto your computer, but the results can be catastrophic. According to a report on cybersecurity, malware has infected nearly 20 percent of enterprise computers.

One of the biggest reasons for infiltration is poor password security, and many enterprise companies allow contractors and third-party vendors direct access to their website. It’s a serious issue, but basic two-factor authentication and other methods can prevent most malware, so let’s review how malware can affect your business.

1. Bringing Down Company Websites

One of the biggest ways that malware affects a company is by bringing down company websites. Malware can steal information about your company, its secrets and even your customer data. This puts your company at serious risk. By enlisting managed services in Ottawa or your particular area, you can greatly reduce this risk. For example, companies are able to provide services to protect you from malware, as well as spam, firewall protection, desktop support and managed system administration.

2. Keyloggers Capture Your Information

Any user in your company can be tricked into downloading keylogger software. The software installs itself on your computer, and it monitors your computer for specific actions. It takes screenshots in an attempt to capture personal information. For consumers, the program usually captures credit card information. A company may lose valuable business accounts, proprietary information and other sensitive data due to these breaches.

4 Ways Malware Can Impact Businesses

3. Damage to a Business Reputation

More than 3,5000 pieces of malware are created each day, and more than 30,000 websites a day are impacted. Malware that exists on your website can affect your business reputation. If a customer visits your website and downloads malware, you better believe they won’t be coming back to visit your website anytime soon. Your reputation is affected when your company doesn’t take the necessary precautions to protect your customers. This can drastically affect your bottom line.

4. Malware Slows Down Operations

When your computers are infected by malware, the malware is taking up valuable computing resources. This slows your computer down, and it can severely disrupt your operations. You may find that the malware steals sensitive information, causes your corporate computers to freeze or crash, and it could also create unauthorized access to system resources that should normally stay protected.

Hiring a company that is dedicated to managing your servers and computers is one of the best ways to protect yourself from an attack. According to a malware security report, attackers are able to install malware through false software updates, banner ads, downloadable documents, and man-in-the-middle type attacks. Prevent these issues by hiring the right IT staff to protect your company.

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