Active@ Undelete – the file recovery magic stick

Posted: March 24, 2016 in Antivirus and Security Software

Active@ UNDELETE SoftwareSurfing the web and playing around with a variety of fresh apps on your Windows OS is inevitably associated with security risks.

With the growing number of vulnerabilities and sophisticated malicious tactics, each new install of an app from a non-proven resource or browsing in the depths of the web puts normal system functioning in jeopardy.

Thus, if you are wondering the web with an outdated antivirus and a poor firewall, a bunch of files replaced by malicious software can bring your OS down in a few seconds. And the consequences hard drive penetration could be disastrous: deletion of essential files and partitions, and the OS that refuses to start – that’s just the tip of the iceberg. And this is where Active@ Undelete takes the center stage: a piece of software helps you to effectively deal with the outcomes of a crashed system – it can recover the lost files efficiently, in a matter of minutes.

Active@ Undelete is a few megabytes app armed with a comprehensive set of features, designed by LSoft Technologies Inc., a prominent Canadian company with long years of experience in crafting security, recovery and diagnostics tools.

The app is designed to work with Windows operating systems: from the oldschool Windows 2003 to the latest versions of Windows 10; and with the recent update rolled out in March, the app works with Linux OS (XFS Linux/Unix file system support for scan and file recovery; Support for Linux Logical Volume Manager partitioning and recovery).
Active@ Undelete Box
It works perfectly with hard drives over 4TB, plus you can make use of it to recover your flash drives, portable disks and external hard drives – all the connected to the PC devices are recognized automatically.

The app supports the common file systems and apart from detecting the erased files, it allows you to recover the whole partitions, plus it enables you to manage partitions in a totally easy way. You can either scan your system for all the deleted or search for particular files – the app boasts a wide range of extensions recognition and a laser-guided search mechanism powered with signature search functionality – the app identifies file signatures in the event of no file records for a wide range of data types.

Another useful addition is the support of RAID interface – both hardware and software versions; so you can configure a software RAID or restore data from a damaged hardware RAID.

The application stands out from the crowd with smooth performance – the stressful itself process of recovery is not accompanied by hangings or crashes when working with resource-intensive tasks. The interface leaves is intuitive and totally user-friendly – a Windows-like look and feel in conjunction with a well thought-out structure is something you would be totally pleased with.

Active@ Undelete comes in several packages, including the freeware one – you will need no credit card to start using the software. The entire lineup is represented by the 4 packages, where the most affordable home edition option costs $19.99, and the ultimate version – $79.95. The more advanced versions have a strong advantage on board – an ability to use a bootable CD/DVD, a perfect solution that makes your life way easier in case of emergency. In either event you can always switch to a more advanced version, so giving a try to a demo or freeware product can be a nice starting point.


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