Virtual Viruses to Watch Out for and How to Avoid Them

Posted: September 14, 2016 in Encyclopedia viruses

Virtual VirusesYour computer is an expensive investment and is often used as a way to work or communicate with family and friends.

There is likely a lot of personal information such as pictures and addresses you don’t want others to know about on here.

If you get a virus on your computer, you are opening the virtual world up to everything you have shared or made available.

To stay clear of the worst virtual viruses, here are a few tips to follow.

The Resident

Just like a person takes up space in a home, a resident virus will take up space on the RAM. It will deplete the memory from the computer while taking the information that has been stored. Once the virus is inside the computer, it can take over basic control operations, such as opening and closing files while corrupting copies of files that have been copied or renamed.

Multipartite Viruses

These are the viruses you get with media that has been infected. It could be a video you watched or a picture you either downloaded or uploaded to the computer. You usually won’t know it’s there until it has started to slow down your system. It affects the booting system and the hard drive as well.

The Direct Action

When you tell the computer to do something, it usually doesn’t have any hesitation. If there is a direct virus on the computer, each time you give a certain command, the virus is sent to someone else or to another area of the computer and can take a long time for simple tasks to get done. This kind of virus is usually found on the hard drive and files in the directory are often infected with this kind of virus.

Macro Viruses

These will usually take over your entire system in a matter of seconds. They infect files with certain applications and are easy to contract by simply going to a website that has the virus embedded on it. It only takes a single action to carry out the virus.

The Encrypted Virus

When you visit a website, you probably don’t think there will be anything hiding on the pages. An encrypted virus is one that is hidden behind the scenes of the site. Since they are hidden, anti-virus programs sometimes have a hard time detecting where they are located on the computer, making them hard to remove. If you know you have an encrypted virus is it best to go to a professional who has a computer science online masters or similar education.

If you find that your computer is operating slower than usual, then run a quick virus scan. Most scans will detect at least basic viruses. If you see that there is an infection, then use an anti-virus software to remove it from the system. You can also use an anti-virus software to block viruses that might be trying to invade the computer.

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